Several political analysts have said they believe the more former President Donald Trump is prosecuted and persecuted by Democrats using lawfare, the better in the polls he will do, and they appear to be right so far.

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In a recent poll conducted by Marquette Law School, former President Trump has edged ahead of President Joe Biden in Wisconsin, a critical swing state.

Among registered voters surveyed, Trump holds a two-point lead over the Democratic incumbent, with 51% of respondents supporting him compared to Biden’s 49%. This marks a shift from January, when the candidates were tied at 49% each, indicating a gain for Trump in recent months.

The Daily Wire adds:

Wisconsin is one of seven crucial swing states in the 2024 presidential election and is worth 10 electoral votes. The other six swing states are Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which total 93 electoral votes along with Wisconsin.

While Trump was found to be leading Biden in the Midwestern state, Democrat incumbent Senator Tammy Baldwin enjoys a five-point lead over Republican challenger Eric Hovde, with the two candidates coming in at 52% and 47%, respectively, among registered voters. When the question is posed to likely voters, however, the two Senate candidates are tied.

The latest Marquette Law School poll results align with findings from a Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month, which showed Trump leading Biden in six out of seven swing states. In Wisconsin, where the Marquette poll was conducted, Trump was tied with Biden.

The WSJ poll revealed Trump’s largest lead in North Carolina, with a six-point margin over Biden, as well as a five-point lead in Arizona and a four-point lead in Nevada. Additionally, Trump held three-point leads in Michigan and Pennsylvania, along with a one-point lead in Georgia.

According to a recent national Harvard Harris poll, Biden’s approval ratings are particularly low regarding his handling of the border crisis. Only 36% of respondents approve of his performance on the issue.

This aligns with a persistent trend over the past four months, where Biden has received his lowest single-issue approval rating on immigration.

“Even polls from blue states like Colorado and Massachusetts found that voters say immigration is the biggest issue facing their respective states,” The DW reported.

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.