Former 2024 GOP presidential contender Vivek Ramaswamy sent chills down the spines of the Washington political establishment with a major policy plan that is right down former President Donald Trump’s ally.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

In an interview with Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow, Ramaswamy said the only real way to reform the federal bureaucracy is to “shut it down.”

“If you think about mobilizing the federal bureaucracy to reelect Joe Biden don’t leave out the top of the list, that’s the DOJ, FBI, and the federal police state. There is a three word answer I stand by it, I stand by it during my own presidential campaign,” he told Kudlow. “Shut it down.”

“We should not have millions of bureaucrats crawling around Washington, D.C. clogging up the pores of our constitutional public. There are three branches of government in the U.S. Constitution, executive, legislative, and judicial. There is no fourth administrative branch,” he went on.

“One of the things we’ve seen in the Biden administration, which I think is one of the most frightening things we’ve seen in all of American history, is the weaponization of that administrative state to do the political bidding of the administration. Getting done you there the back door of the deep state, the administrative state, the bureaucrats, what they could not get done through the front door of law-making. That is a danger to the future of our constitutional republic,” Ramaswamy continued.

He then noted that Biden’s DOJ has been weaponized against Trump.

“And yes, we’ve seen that at the level of DOJ, FBI. Look at multiple prosecutions of the lead contender of the opposition party. That has never happened in American history. It is happening now. It is not just at the level of the DOJ. It is rampant across three letter agencies across the board,” he said.

“That is the real threat to our constitutional republic today, is those unelected bureaucrats, the people who we never elected to run the government, who are wielding political power, backdoor regulatory power across Americans and businesses across this country,” said the former candidate.

“The right answer, get in there, you can’t reform that beast, you have to slay it. Shut it down. That is what it will take. I think a second Trump term will be poised to go even further than the first Trump term, getting that job done. If there’s one thing that will save this republic, it is to shut down this fourth branch of government,” he said.


Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.