A noted political consultant and analyst has given President Joe Biden and Democrats a load of bad news ahead of the fall elections that they likely can’t fix before then.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Presidential adviser Dick Morris told Newsmax that Democrats and Biden are struggling to hold on to their typically reliable voters, particularly young voters, and are resorting to desperate measures against Donald Trump.

“Fundamentally, Biden has no issues,” Morris told “Saturday Report.” “There is nothing he has going for him. He has nothing to say He has no issues.

“His negatives on Trump are really not landing and I think they’re very likely to backfire.”

Morris informed host Rita Cosby that the “get Trump” weaponization of justice campaigns and the attack narratives in the liberal media are likely to alienate skeptical independent voters who can discern through these tactics.

“The Democrats in a Hail Mary, desperate move are essentially saying we’re going to devote the next 6-8 weeks of this presidential race talking about Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump, and who was paid, and what they were paid for, and was that really hush money, and above all, the tiny technical issue of where you paying them out of campaign funds or out of personal funds?” Morris continued. “I believe that the public is just gonna go crazy.

“I think they can look at this and say, ‘Are you kidding me? With the international situation we have, and dangers we face, and the economy as the inflation ticking back up, you’re going to tell me to vote for Biden based on this?'” he said.

Also, Biden’s move to “buy” young voters through further student loan debt forgiveness shows he realizes he has lost the stranglehold on America’s youth, according to Morris.

“He’s obviously doing it because his ratings with young voters is way down,” Morris said. “He has always been able to count on voters under 30 as the stalwart base for the Democratic Party and now he can’t. They’re increasingly going over to Trump and he’s hoping that they the debt issue and the payoffs will buy him enough support to overcome that.”

Morris continued by stating that young voters are gravitating towards Trump and rejecting the Democrats’ “desperate” endeavors, partially due to their initial adult encounters following COVID-19 under Biden’s leadership.

But I think these are fundamentally misreading why under-30 voters are coming to Trump,” he said. “It’s obviously largely the economy, but it’s also the invisible scar that’s left on that generation by the lockdowns: Being told that you can’t date, you can’t work, you can’t go out, and basically you can’t have your childhood.

“And I think that that is causing a massive backlash among young voters, and I don’t think the debt forgiveness is really going to help them much,” he said.

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.