Fox News host Greg Gutfeld introduced a concept during a segment on Friday’s “The Five” that, if true, will be the beginning of the end of Democratic power and influence, beginning with the 2024 elections.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

During the segment, Gutfeld weighed in on the alienation of men in the Democratic Party, and particularly of minority men who seem to be sliding over to the Republicans.

“Well, we opened this show with Joe doing his identity shuffle, spewing these, you know, catchphrases, spoon-fed to him by some DEI clone. Now, compare that to this guy. You know, Joe is the mummy on Metamucil. That was Godzilla with gonads the size of Pluto,” Gutfeld began.

“I bet there are male Democrats right now going, why can’t we have that in our party? Where is that man? Where is that type of person? And instead, we have this emasculated husk of a has-been who can only operate on identity catchphrases that were just given to him,” Gutfeld continued, highlighting vitality differences between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“This is related to the segment’s initial topic. It’s not just Black and Brown men leaving the party, it’s all men. Blacks just happen to be the caboose of this train [which is] leading the exodus out of the party. They appreciate things like law and order, rules, priorities, security. You don’t hear that from Biden. Instead, you hear about diversity, equity, inclusion, gender, trans,” he added.

“You know what? Abortion is not going to get men to vote, but a disregard for the certain laws and principles that keep a society safe and secure for a family, that gets them there. I believe that this is Trump’s election to lose, which is why you’re seeing the media freak out,” Gutfeld continued.

“And it’s not just minority or white men, it’s working men. It’s tough to work hard and have the party that you belong to focus only on freeloaders, activists, and illegals. That pisses off men of every color,” he noted further.

“You know, they aren’t fooled by the progressive tantrums of the non-binary screamers on TikTok that trigger the maternal instincts of the affluent white female Libs, AWFLs — thank you, Michael Malice. And the reason why there is such a problem with the quality of life is that men, not just Black men, have been disregarded in this war on identity,” the co-host said.

Gutfeld concluded: “You know, we use — we used to champion the interconnectedness of women and men, right? We’re different. We’re yin and yang. But now it’s us versus them because it’s the oppression filter. Men sense when they’re in a place that they aren’t wanted, and they’re starting to sense that it’s the Republican Party where they are wanted.”



Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.