The black woman who embraced former President Donald Trump at an Atlanta Chick-fil-A location responded to critics Friday morning, including “urban media outlets.”

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Michaelah Montgomery gained widespread attention after a video of her embracing Trump at a fast-food establishment, where he had ordered milkshakes for patrons, went viral on X, formerly known as Twitter. The footage was shared by Margo Martin, the Trump campaign’s deputy director of communications.

Montgomery has since responded to criticism from detractors at “urban media outlets” for her support of Trump, expressing her frustrations with President Joe Biden as well.

“General consensus would have you thinking if President Trump were to show up to the HBCU [historically black colleges and universities] campus, an angry mob would form and he would not be welcome, and the sentiment in the room was opposite, he was welcomed and people showed up in support of him and people were from all four institutions within the local HBCU community in Atlanta and showed up in support of him,” Montgomery told “Fox and Friends” co-host Lawrence Jones.

“It is crazy to see people in an uproar when all four institutions were legitimately represented and represented by said students who wanted to support President Trump,” she added.


“I appreciate we were able to let him know, regardless of social media, we are supposed to hate you, we don’t,” Montgomery continued. “It was a learning experience for my students, they saw how media can warp perceptions of opinion or a person because like I said, to think these students who attend these institutions are not smart enough to make their decision, they would only support Trump because he bought chicken sandwiches, that is disturbing part,” she continued.

“It was mainly urban media outlets doing everything in their power to turn other black people against these young black kids who were simply not shy to explore other options,” she added.

Several polls indicate a notable decline in Biden’s support compared to the levels he garnered in the 2020 election, where he received backing from 92% of black voters, as per Pew Research Center data. According to a Wall Street Journal poll, Biden’s support among black voters has dwindled to 68%. Additionally, Business Insider reports that Biden also faces diminished support among Hispanics and young voters.

Montgomery also ripped into Biden over his past political stances.

“When it comes to what Joe Biden has done for black America, if we look at his record as a senator, it wasn’t something that benefited us at all, if anything, one could argue he dedicated his senatorial career to disrupting the way of life for black people,” Montgomery said. “He did not want black kids going to the same school as his kid, he did not want black people walking on the sidewalk along with his mother and grandmother.”

“So the fact that we ignore these things that were said on the Senate floor, like this is somebody who passed legislation with the sole intent of oppressing a certain community and we’re going to act like that didn’t happen or can be overshadowed by somebody’s comments down the line made us feel some type of way,” Montgomery continued. “Feeling some type of way is different when you can feel that way at home. There are people who are, you know, as of right now, spending their lives in jail because Joe Biden thought they deserved it. And then you had somebody like Trump come in and give us the First Step Act to try to right the wrongs that were done with the three strikes rule and nobody is talking about that.”

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.