President Joe Biden drew fresh criticism this week from a noted legal expert over a new executive action that is already being teed up for a court challenge.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Fox News analyst and lawyer Gregg Jarrett pointed out that Biden’s latest attempt to grant more student loan relief is about as dictatorial as it gets, a reference to the Biden regime and Democrats who claim that former President Donald Trump is a bigger threat to democracy.

In June 2023, the nation’s highest court ruled 9-0 in Dept. of Education v. Brown that the Biden administration’s plan to forgive up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers and up to $20,000 for recipients of Pell Grants was unconstitutional.

In a separate but similar case, Biden v. Nebraska, the justices ruled 6-3 against Biden’s student loan giveaway scheme.

On the merits of the policy, Biden had relied on the HEROES Act, a post-9/11 law that allows the Secretary of Education to “waive or modify any statutory or regulatory provision applicable to the student financial assistance programs . . . as the Secretary deems necessary in connection with a war or other military operation or national emergency,” SCOTUS Blog reported.

But a vast majority of justices disagreed, ruling the act illegal and improper. But that hasn’t stopped Biden, who is shedding votes among younger Americans who traditionally vote for his party.

Jarrett roasted Biden for ignoring the nation’s highest court — something a real tyrant would do.

“They’re inventing a different runaround, the Supreme Court decision. In so doing, Joe Biden is brazenly defying the law, and then he has the audacity, the arrogance to brag about it, admitting recently, yes, the Supreme Court blocked my plan, it’s illegal,” Jarrett said during a “Fox & Friends” segment on Monday.

“But then he said, quote, that won’t stop me. You know, no amount of lawlessness is beyond Joe Biden by dictate. What he’s really doing is shredding the Constitution. He changed his method of loan forgiveness in the latest plan. But the same legal principles that make it unconstitutional, still apply,” Jarrett continued.

“He’s not canceling anything; he’s transferring billions of debt from borrowers to taxpayers, and under the Constitution, only Congress has the power to do that, as the Supreme Court explained in their decision,” he said. “So this is a stunning act of contempt. Biden says he doesn’t care about the separation of powers, the law, or the Constitution. So I sort of ask you here: who’s the dictator? Who’s the threat to democracy?”


Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.