A stunning new report is putting President Joe Biden and his administration on defense as the 2024 election cycle continues to heat up.

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Two of President Joe Biden’s flagship laws are pumping billions of dollars of taxpayer cash into states that will likely decide the winner of November’s presidential election, with much more money still up for grabs.

The 2021 bipartisan infrastructure package and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), Biden’s massive climate bill, have routed more than $60 billion combined to Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia, according to White House data.

These states are widely considered to be the seven key swing states that will dictate whether Biden will secure a second term or if former President Donald Trump will return to the White House.

The funds that have been distributed from the two bills to date amount to approximately half of the total amount of money that the two bills have to offer, according to Axios.

According to White House data, Michigan has received $10.8 billion for infrastructure and green energy projects, North Carolina has received $9.8 billion, and Georgia has received a massive $10.5 billion. The administration has given Pennsylvania a whopping $16.2 billion for such projects, $6.8 billion to Wisconsin, $3.7 billion to Nevada, and $8.6 billion to Arizona.

While taxpayer cash flows into these states to subsidize infrastructure and green energy projects, Biden administration officials have recently traveled to promote the administration’s massive spending as the election cycle heats up. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm ventured to her home state of Michigan last week to promote a $1.5 billion loan to a nuclear plant that could close again in a few years and a $13 million handout to Kraft-Heinz before making a Thursday appearance in Georgia to talk about green energy projects, according to Axios.

Labor Secretary Julie Su also traveled to Michigan to promote the Biden administration’s green jobs initiatives alongside United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain.

Vice President Kamala Harris was in North Carolina on Thursday to celebrate the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement that it is doling out billions of IRA dollars to green groups that are laden with Democratic establishment insiders.

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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.