While the 2020 “election” did grant Joe Biden “victory,” the man is delusional in thinking he has a political mandate.

By Richard Blakley/WND News Service. Used with permission.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Biden won 25 states, and Trump won 25 states, while Biden obtained 52% of votes counted and Trump won 48%, nearly evenly splitting the country. Yet Biden’s warped presidential mandates indicate he thinks he won some overwhelming majority of votes, allowing him to cause job losses that affect all American people.

Beginning with the energy sector, his first day in office Biden signed 17 executive orders reversing Trump policies and restoring Obama-era programs. In one of these executive orders, “Job-loss Joe” canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, costing 59,000 good-paying jobs, a negative impact of $9.6 billion dollars to the U.S. economy and a loss of 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day to the U.S., which is important with Mideast unrest.

After only one month, economists stated, “Biden’s program is indistinguishable from Obama’s,” which was “such a colossal failure,” and “Biden’s program will fail even more catastrophically.” Biden’s energy climate program is an “order-of-magnitude greater in spending scope and level of hysterical amplitude.”

In 2021 alone the Department of Energy reported that the fuels technology sector experienced losses totaling 29,271 jobs; onshore and offshore petroleum companies shed 31,593 jobs; and coal lost 7,125 jobs.

These numbers do not account for jobs lost in the supply chain. There are hordes of companies making different things for the petroleum and coal industries. Speaking to the grandfather of the F-22 Raptor Obama canceled, I asked the gentleman, “Can’t you just wait until there is an administration change and hopefully obtain support for the project again?”

He looked at me sadly and said, “When you cancel a project like this, it destroys the supply chain, and therefore, you can’t just get it going again.” This is exactly what Biden is doing to the oil and coal industries.

Biden’s aggressive climate agenda limits oil and gas sales on public lands, pushes environmental regulations impacting fossil fuel project development, suspends oil and gas permits on federal lands and waters, re-implements the Obama era EPA methane rule, pushing smaller energy producers out of business, and even pressures banks and lenders not to finance fossil fuel projects.

Furthermore, Biden purged the EPA of Trump appointed scientists, because Biden didn’t believe they were hostile enough toward the fossil fuel industry. American natural gas and oil industries provide nearly 11 million U.S. jobs. Biden’s foolish policies have taken a “sledgehammer” to U.S. energy jobs, sending them overseas.

Next, consider mandated changes to the power sector. China is busily building 43 coal-fired power plants. Russia is busily using fossil fuels for 60% of its power. Germany, realizing its green error, is putting back online its coal-fired power plants. Insanely, America’s power grid is mandating carbon reduction by 50% by 2030 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Starting in 2010, going woke, Duke Power shut down 56 coal-powered generators following Obama/Biden’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. With no warning, Duke Power took 1,300 megawatts of coal and natural gas capacity offline Christmas Eve 2022, blacking out half a million North Carolina residents as temperatures fell to single digits, serving as an example of Biden’s dark winter.

Duke Power supplies power to North and South Carolina, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. With a profit of $2.56 billion in 2022, Duke Power’s president, Lynn Good, is paid $20 million-plus annually, because she is decarbonizing North Carolina. This will cost at least $140-$160 billion through 2050, so Duke Power will increase its rates by 30% over the next three years.

Another sector with Bidenomic-mandated destruction is the auto industry. Biden has dictated that 50% of all automobiles sold in the U.S be electric vehicles by 2030 and 100% by 2035, to which GM has insanely agreed.

Shutting down the construction of internal combustion engines will destroy the entire supply chain for all car parts, cause job losses for mechanics, auto parts stores, and the list goes on. GM plans to destroy the supply chain for internal combustion engines by 2035, making it difficult, if not impossible, to reestablish, as companies go out of business.

The CEO of Ford has stated, “It takes 40% less labor to make an electric car,” meaning “that would be 200,000 fewer jobs in 2030 and 400,000 fewer in the long run.” With the new DOT National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards of improved fuel efficiency, the Alliance of Automotive Innovation (AAI) representing major automakers, stated automakers will pay more than $14 billion in non-compliance penalties, increasing car prices by thousands of dollars.

Destroying the fuel sector, destroying the energy sector and destroying the transportation sector, you would almost think “Job-loss Joe” is destroying the United States, but Bidenomics claims tremendous job growth.

However, a May 2023 U.S. House Budget Committee report states, “Nearly 72% of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation.” Further it was stated that pre-pandemic job creation under President Trump was 6.7 million. When looking at “today’s economy compared to pre-pandemic levels, employment is up only by 3.7 million.”

That means under President Trump’s leadership, 3 million more jobs were created than under Bidenomics. Adjusting for population gains, nearly 2 million more Americans are unemployed now than during the Trump administration.

One article stated, “The misinformation from this [Biden] administration far exceeds any fake Russian misinformation that our media could ever conjure.”

Maybe another campaign slogan for 2024 can be, “Vote No for Job-loss Joe.”

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.