A young Australian girl has posted a video complaining that there are too many American flags — in America — while admitting she doesn’t even know what the Australian flag looks like.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

It’s bad enough she’s lecturing Americans about their own flag, but the ‘WOW!’ moment really came when she said she could carve U.S. flag out of memory but couldn’t remember the design of the flag of her own country.

Apparently, because Australians aren’t proud enough to fly them. Or something.

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To her, it’s an issue of Americans needing to be more “humble” — until the world falls apart and we become the first nation everyone runs to for help and protection.

She said: “There are too many American flags. Like they’re on houses, they’re on cars… I think I can draw the American flag from memory. The only time I think I’ve ever seen an Australian flag is on the Harbour Bridge. Could not tell you what it looks like … It’s enough, let’s pull back on it okay. Let’s stay humble.”

Yeah. Erm…okay.

Anyway, she got some great advice from several people online — such as, don’t come to America and if you are here then go home.

That’s really the best advice.

Wouldn’t want to offend her any longer…


This is just another case of a foreigner not having any idea or grasp of American patriotism. It’s not “nationalism” or anything negative, it’s just that a majority of us are proud to be Americans, to be part of the “indispensable nation.” Doesn’t mean we aren’t “humble” or wish ill on anyone else.

We just like being here. We feel fortunate, blessed…so we show our pride.

Funny thing, though, is we did find a fellow Australian who apologized…for her.


Then again, we found another user who dropped a big truth bomb about our country.

1000 percent correct!

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.