Whoever is running Joe Biden’s “damage control” department needs to spend a lot more time in the company of ordinary Americans and a lot less time in the company of Ivy League elites.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Earlier, reports noted how the president was toasted on social media after he replied with a “no comment” to a question about how he felt about the deadly wildfire in Hawaii after nearly 100 people were killed.

His callous remark drew no shortage of criticism, but how his damage control handlers responded to the initial crappy comment was equally horrific.

In a thread on “X,” formerly known as Twitter, ‘President Biden’ claimed he as “laser-focused” on the disaster (he was at the beach — again — sunning himself when he answered “no comment,” as though he couldn’t be bothered), and mentioned his administration was going to send a ridiculously low one-time payment to victims (as he requests billions more for Ukraine).

Here’s part of the thread:

Click on the first tweet if you want to read the entire thread; the rest just contains details about contacting FEMA and other things.

But the term “laser-focused” really stuck out with social media users, as did the pathetically low $700 payout.

Because,  you know, laying around on a beach hanging out with friends is the best way to show you’re “laser-focused” on a deadly disaster. Not actually going back to your office and dealing with it. LOL.

Meanwhile, about that massive payout…

Remember, this is Hawaii. Not exactly inexpensive to live there. Some people probably drop about $700 on a nice meal with family.

Anyway, the comparison to the Ukraine aid was also a common comparison online.

Yes, you victims — and don’t you dare spend all that money in one place! Sheesh.

Mind you, we’re not really supportive of massive random payouts — we don’t want Americans becoming dependent on government money (the universal basic income thing) because dependence equals control.


Hawaii is a U.S. state. And right now, that state is suffering a catastrophic once-in-a-lifetime tragedy.

So yeah — $700 seems worse than lame. It seems like a massive insult.

This must be BIDENOMICS!

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.