It looks like 2022 Arizona gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake isn’t quite done with politics.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

According to Axios, Lake is seriously considering jumping into the U.S. Senate race to challenge for Independent Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s seat.

“A potential three-way battle, with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema running as an independent, will expose deep divisions in both parties on whether to appeal to their bases or independents in a critical 2024 battleground state,” the outlet reported.

“The race will have implications in the presidential campaign and give President Biden an opportunity to run against the ‘ultra MAGA’ mindset that Lake represents, even if former President Trump isn’t Biden’s opponent in November 2024,” the report continued.

The race also provides an opportunity to observe the ramifications of a potential three-way presidential competition at the state level, where Sinema assumes the role of a “No Labels” candidate.

The report said Lake would spend much of September in Arizona interviewing staff and consultants.

Recently, she has hit the campaign trail with Ohio GOP Senate candidate Bernie Moreno. The two of them managed to draw about 650 people to a campaign event in a rural area.

“I’m really, really excited about [Sen. J.D. Vance], I’m super excited that Bernie Moreno’s going to be in the Senate. And if they’re in the Senate, I just might have to join them,” she told a fundraiser crowd in Cleveland on Monday she attended with Vance and Moreno.

“When President Trump gets back in the White House he’s going to need fighters like Kari Lake in Washington, DC to help enact his Agenda 47,” Caroline Wren, a senior adviser to Lake, told Axios.

“Kari Lake is seriously considering a run for the United States Senate and will be making a final decision this fall.”

Democratic Rep. Reuben Gallego is already planning to run for the seat as well.

Last fall, another former Democrat-turned-independent, former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, campaigned for Lake.

“For too long, establishment leaders from both parties have sought to enrich themselves, play games, and build up their power while ignoring and even enabling the suffering of millions of hard-working Americans,” Gabbard said as she announced she would be stumping for Lake.

“Kari Lake is a leader who puts people first, is fighting for border security, energy independence, public safety, and other policies that actually make life better and more affordable for the American people,” Gabbard continued.

“Kari Lake isn’t afraid to call out the warmongering elitist cabal of permanent Washington and the Military Industrial Complex, and their propagandists in the mainstream media. I look forward to supporting @KariLake ahead of these critical midterm elections.”

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.