Country music star John Rich has revealed some details about his new studio album that aren’t going to go over well with the America-hating left.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Rich is preparing later this month to release a new independent album entitled “The Country Truth,” that he says evaluates America from the perspective of a “country guy.”

“This is the country truth, meaning these are true statements,” Rich told the Monday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show.

“These songs are true observations told from the perspective of a country guy like myself, and I thought it was pretty good. So I put it together — a 10-song record. It’s the first full-length album I’ve put out in quite a while,” he said.

He added that the song “I’m Offended” will be included. Also, there is another tune called “Shut Up About Politics.”

It comes out on Aug. 18.

“It just seems like to me everybody’s offended all the time, no matter what,” Rich said. “So I wrote a song kind of talking to the funny end of what that whole thing is.”

He mentioned that in the past, Americans enjoyed watching shows with edgy humor like “All in the Family” and “Married with Children,” which featured characters like Archie Bunker and Al Bundy, adding those shows allowed everyone to share a laugh without taking offense.

He also said his new album contains tunes with humorous lyrics and some that are serious in nature.

“It’s anything from funny songs to serious songs, songs about my family and songs about our country,” he said. “I think country music throughout history has always been that genre that kind of put its finger on the pulse of what was happening in the country at the time.”

“A lot of my heroes did that,” Rich continued. “Merle Haggard was very famous for doing that. So this is kind of my take on what’s going on….I think a lot of people are going to relate to the songs.”

Last summer, he released a single called “Progress,” which he debuted on Truth Social. It climbed to the top of Apple iTunes downloads quickly.

“That song actually sat at number one on the download chart, not just in country, but all genres,” Rich said. “I think number two was Lizzo and at three was like Beyonce or somebody. It sat there not just for a day or two. It was there for two weeks.”

He went on to explain he doesn’t use a record label anymore because even country music execs curb speech and expression.

“I stepped away from the industry several years ago because they would not allow me to say what I wanted to say with my music or even in an interview like this,” he said.

“I just got tired of it,” Rich added. “My freedom of speech is more important to me than the approval of the music industry. So I stepped away.

“So when people step up, and they purchase my music and download the songs, and you see a name like me, who’s totally independent now at the top of the charts for a couple of weeks, that makes quite a statement. It gives a lot of confidence to other artists to do it as well,” he said.

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.