SiriusXM podcaster and former Fox News star Megyn Kelly provided some keen insight into the tangled and allegedly corrupt world of President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden during her Tuesday program.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Kelly was joined on her show by Miranda Devine, a columnist for the New York Post who has covered Hunter Biden’s scandals and wrote a book about the findings on his laptop, for a conversation regarding the meticulously crafted image of Joe Biden as a devoted family man, concerns about his apparent lack of empathy, and the inquiry into whether Joe Biden actually capitalized on and utilized Hunter Biden as an intermediary for certain activities.

“All along I thought it was corrupt, hot mess Hunter exploiting the dad’s name and kind of bringing Joe in on a deal here or there to pay some bills, that this was a Hunter operation. It’s just now dawning on me that no, this was a Joe Biden operation using Huner, it’s the other way around,” Kelly said at one point.

Devine responded:  “What kind of a father puts his addicted son in front of gushing torrents of unaccountable cash? Which is exactly what was happening, from Ukraine, from China, etc. You would keep your addicted son away from that if you really cared about him.”

Said Kelly: “I’m thinking about Beau Biden and how when Joe was thinking about running for president he said Beau wanted him to do it like a deathbed wish, and now that he is president and he refers to his son who has passed, he says that Beau died ‘in Iraq,’ trying to ratchet up the sympathy we’re supposed to feel. of course, Beau Biden did not die in Iraq.

“He died from a brain tumor that may have been linked to some of the things he did in Iraq, we don’t know. But these little manipulations that tug at your heartstrings that are actually incredibly cynical and not an example of a loving father,” she said.

“We could talk about the unacknowledged granddaughter now, while the team around him meets and strategizes how to keep that out of the news,” she added.


Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.