Former President Donald Trump is counting on being President Donald Trump again, and he’s making plans for his first day in office.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Trump conducted an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday night, discussing the recent indictments and investigation by special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump responded to the additional charges brought against him in the indictment concerning document possession. He vehemently maintained his innocence, asserting that Smith was undeniably weaponizing the Justice Department. The former president declared, “This is harassment.”

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Furthermore, a third defendant, Carlos De Oliveira, who serves as Mar-a-Lago’s head of maintenance, has been charged and is now implicated alongside Trump and Trump valet Walt Nauta. Trump contended that the Presidential Records Act should offer him protection and criticized the Department of Justice (DOJ) for pursuing him while seemingly overlooking Biden.

Trump argued that Biden’s handling of documents was reckless, adding to his defense in the ongoing case.

The latest key allegation made by the Special Counsel is that Trump and the others allegedly attempted to delete Mar-a-Lago security footage during the summer of 2022.

“I just heard it as I’m sitting down. This is harassment. This is election interference,” Trump said when asked to respond to the superseding indictment and additional charges. “I’m protected by the Presidential Records Act totally. It shouldn’t even be a case. It’s not a criminal case.

“Where’s Biden with all the documents? He’s got 20 times, 30 times the documents I have, and he has not made it easy for them either. He has been hiding boxes. They’re sending boxes to Chinatown. Boxes are being sent to Chinatown, and yet China is paying them millions of dollars,” Trump added.

“You explain that one. You don’t even hear about it. All you hear about is Trump. No, this is a two-tier system of injustice. That’s what we have. We have a sick country. Our country is very sick right now. We have a failing nation, and it’s a very sad thing to watch,” he said.

Trump also told Breitbart News that if elected president again—he is currently the leading GOP candidate for the White House—he would fire Smith.

“I wouldn’t keep him,” Trump replied when asked if he would fire Smith. “Jack Smith? Why would I keep him? He is—look, he’s gone after other people. He’s been overturned unanimously in the Supreme Court. He’s destroyed a lot of lives. Lives have been destroyed. He’s destroyed people—he’s destroyed lives.”

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.