Sunday, October 1

The Speaker of the House and one of his Democratic colleagues from California apparently aren’t on very good terms these days.

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Speaker McCarthy and California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell reportedly got into a heated confrontation June 22. Swalwell allegedly called McCarthy a pussy, and later, McCarthy allegedly threatened to kick Swalwell’s ass.

According to the Daily Beast, the conflict between McCarthy and Swalwell started during the vote to censure California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, according to two unnamed lawmakers.

The resolution, introduced by Republican Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, aimed to remove Schiff from the U.S. House of Representatives. The vote occurred on June 21.


“This is pathetic,” Swalwell reportedly told McCarthy while the speaker was presiding over the chamber during the vote. “You’re weak. You’re a weak man.”

The following day, Swalwell was reportedly walking towards a bathroom ahead of a speech to a joint session of Congress from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi when McCarthy spotted him.

According to an unnamed member of Congress, McCarthy approached Swalwell and said, “If you ever say something like that to me again, I’m gonna kick the shit out of you.”

“They were in each other’s faces. Basically nose-to-nose,” the source said, according to the outlet. Swalwell reportedly responded with something like, “Are we really gonna do this?”

“Call me a pussy again, and I’ll kick your ass,” McCarthy allegedly responded.

The Daily Beast said that, ultimately, the encounter did not come to blows, adding that Swalwell’s office did not deny the incident.