Monday, October 2

A noted legal analyst for far-left MSNBC has made a shocking statement when discussing the latest information regarding special counsel Jack Smith’s pursuit of a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021.

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The former president should be thrown into a jail cell for pretrial detention if, as expected, he is indicted on charges related to the Jan. 6 incident at the U.S. Capitol Building, in the opinion of MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirchner.

BizPac Review notes:

Last week, the 2024 GOP frontrunner revealed that he had received a letter from the Biden regime’s special counsel, “Deranged Jack Smith” informing him that he is officially a target of a Washington, D.C. grand jury investigation and that his arrest is imminent.

Rather than be released after arraignment as would normally be the case, Kirschner argued that Trump is far too dangerous to be allowed to remain free and needs to be locked down, likely in the special D.C. gulag that J6 protesters have been detained in under deplorable conditions that some have likened to that of a Chinese gulag.

The former federal prosecutor appeared on the latest edition of SiriusXM’s “The Dean Obeidallah Show” to make his appeal to have Trump jailed ahead of any trial.


Obeidallah set up Kirchner by claiming that a “cornered Donald Trump whose only chance at all to stay out of prison is winning” will get even “more dangerous and becomes a threat to the community and openly starts almost calling for violence or just on just the edge of it.”

“Well that’s why Donald Trump should be ordered detained pending trial,” Kirschner responded. “And I say that you know, not from my own personal preference or any animosity I have toward the man. I say it because the law provides that when there’s clear and convincing evidence that a defendant pending trial presents a danger to the community, he’s supposed to be detained, or she’s supposed to be detained pending trial.”

“That’s the law,” he added. “Everyone has ignored that when it comes to Donald Trump. And we do it at our peril, as a system as institutions of government, do it at our peril.”

“What did we see Donald Trump do recently?” Kirschner asked. “He posted President Obama’s home address, one of his followers, a guy named Taylor Taranto read it, reposted it on his social media platform, and then armed themselves… himself with two guns, 400 rounds of ammunition, a machete, and headed toward President Obama’s home.”

That was a reference to a strange story of an individual being apprehended near former President Obama’s home as he reportedly ran “toward the residence” last month.

He was referring to the bizarre story of an individual apprehended near the former president’s house as he was reportedly “running toward the residence last month.

“So maybe, maybe when he gets indicted for the insurrection, Jack Smith will move for his detention pending trial because the evidence is there to support that request,” Kirschner concluded, using a term the left has used since the J6 riot to somehow claim it was an uprising led by Trump.