Over the weekend, country music star Brantley Gilbert passionately expressed his thoughts to his audience about the attacks on fellow country star Jason Aldean, reflecting on the current state of society where he lamented the fact that “we don’t live in a world where people get punched in the face anymore.”

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

Gilbert was, of course, referring to the controversy surrounding fellow country music star Jason Aldean’s new hit single “Try That in a Small Town.” The song speaks about ordinary neighbors supporting each other when confronted with violent crime or unpatriotic protests.

Gilbert attributed the outrage to “keyboard warriors” who lack the firsthand experience of standing up for their beliefs in public. He expressed frustration over how these online critics can misconstrue the song’s message without understanding the real-life context of such situations.

“So I got mad as hell the other night over this Aldean thing and I thought I was going to tweet something, or something, but I realized I don’t have the password for any of my social media. So I decided to write them sum bitches a song, I hope y’all like it,” said Gilbert before launching into his latest ballad called “Bury Me Upside Down.”

“One of my pet peeves is we live in a society nowadays where people don’t get punched in the face anymore. Just a bunch of keyboard warriors hiding behind cell phones and laptops,” Gilbert noted further.


As one of the boldest Nashville stars, Gilbert has been a prominent figure in the protests against Bud Light for embracing “woke” marketing strategies.

Onstage, he has demonstrated his disapproval by smashing bottles of the brew as the brand introduced camouflage-printed cans and offered free beer in what he sees as misguided attempts to appeal to certain trends and ideologies.

Despite all the controversy, Aldean’s hit single continues to dominate the charts and has maintained its number one position on the iTunes store as of Monday morning. The song’s unexpected success has even led a Republican governor to invite Aldean to perform at a public event, and President Donald Trump has praised him as a “terrific guy.”

These endorsements came after Country Music Television made the decision to remove the music video for “Try That in a Small Town” due to its inclusion of footage from left-wing riots, further fueling the song’s notoriety.

Legendary multi-platinum rocker Ted Nugent broke his silence as well after the woke mob attacked Aldean.

In a Saturday interview, Nugent ripped “idiots” who dislike the song and who have invented reasons to call it “controversial.”

“I know there’s a bunch of idiots out there, but you need to learn to get a kick out of the idiots. The idiots hate this Jason Aldean song because they hate when we push back against violence,” he told Fox News’ Jimmy Failla.

“They always get it 180 degrees wrong. This song is against violence. The song is about self-defense. The song is about protecting your loved ones in your neighborhood. If you find fault with a song that celebrates protecting your loved ones, your neighborhood, you might be going down to Target to the Satan display and get down on your knees,” the legendary, multi-platinum album rocker added.

“These are just weird people. We dismiss them because they’ve gotten out of hand because they’ve got no soul. I laugh in their face,” he noted further.

Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.