Monday, October 2

Another day, another really bad poll for President Joe Biden.

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According to the latest Harvard Harris Poll conducted in July 2023, two notable areas of concern among the American public are Joe Biden’s mental acuity and the forthcoming 2024 Republican primary.

The issue of Biden’s mental acuity has been a subject of discussion since his presidential campaign. A mere 32% of respondents believe that Biden is mentally fit to hold the office of President, while a substantial 68% harbor doubts about his mental capabilities.

In a Democratic contest, Biden is the favored candidate. However, if Biden decides not to run, Kamala Harris emerges as the top contender. In the scenario where Biden intends to run, RFK Jr. follows closely at 16%. Conversely, if Biden decides not to run, Kamala secures a substantial lead at 44%, surpassing RFK’s 22%, effectively doubling his support, the survey found.


The results of the poll indicate that this matter might have an impact on the 2024 Presidential Election. Despite Biden’s overall approval rating hovering around 40%, the question of his mental fitness could play a pivotal role for undecided voters.

To secure a second term for Biden, the Democratic Party should take proactive measures to address these concerns, the poll’s analysis noted.

On the Republican side, the 2024 primary appears to lack significant competition. Former President Donald Trump remains the clear frontrunner, even though his support has slightly declined.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, although currently in the second position, is experiencing a gradual decline in momentum compared to Ramaswamy.

According to the poll, 54% of the GOP believe that Trump will secure the nomination. However, if Trump does not become the nominee, DeSantis takes the lead at 29%, followed by Ramaswamy at 19%, and Pence at 13%.

In hypothetical matchups, Trump leads Biden by a five-point margin and surpasses Harris with a nine-point advantage. In direct matchups, DeSantis shows an even standing against both Biden and Harris.

Six out of ten people believe that Biden should not pursue a second term, and nearly six in ten shares the same sentiment for Trump, the poll said.

Voters from diverse political backgrounds have shown a willingness to contemplate supporting a moderate independent candidate if a Biden-Trump rematch were to occur. An overwhelming 70% of voters expressed their belief that the country needs “another choice” beyond the options of Biden and Trump, the survey found.