This is making them very nervous indeed.

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A commentary published at Real Clear Wire warns that even Democrats now are turning on Joe Biden, who is seeking re-election to a term that would have him finishing up at age 86.

The article, by Real Clear Politics associate editor A.B. Stoddard, cited recent “big news” for Biden.

It’s that Biden’s 2024 campaign will be headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden has one of his luxury homes.

“For months nervous Democrats have wondered why Biden only had four full-time staffers devoted to his reelection effort and why the campaign wasn’t yet located anywhere,” she explained.

The announcement “will do absolutely nothing, however, to stop the panic within the party that Biden is too old to run for reelection and could easily lose to former President Donald Trump. Sorry, Team Biden, these fears will not be put to rest; they are going to persist and grow,” she said.

There is that “constant stream” of legacy media reports on “doubts that Biden can make it across the finish line 16 months from now.”

One option was, although now it’s probably too late, for Biden to “step aside,” the piece said.

“And CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere’s reporting last week went there – top Democrats and donors continue to ‘reach out to those seen as possible replacement presidential candidates. Get ready, they urge…’ Democrats, Dovere wrote, worry about Biden’s weak small-dollar fundraising – which shows diminished energy from the grassroots – as well as his light schedule, which they believe will only exacerbate the perception that he is too old to campaign or be president.”

Further, there is that “impressive” polling for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Julian Castro, former housing secretary, warned, “It’s clear there is a softness that perhaps is born out of a worry about electability in 2024.”

Stoddard explained, “Biden’s polling is not soft, it’s terrible and has worsened over time. The age liability and concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness loom large across all surveys and voter groups. In some general election surveys, he loses to Trump. It’s hard to imagine next year, when he is older, that his standing will improve.”

Biden’s support is falling among “some Asian, Hispanic, and black voters,” “young voters” and even “Never Trump Republicans.”

That group was critical his narrow – fewer than 44,000 votes in three states – lead in the 2020 result.

Then there’s “the Hunter Biden business dealings revelations” and Joe Biden’s “refusing to acknowledge” Hunter’s love child.

Even messaging about the economy, which has recovered somewhat from the COVID-19 collapse even though the “Bidenomics” allowed inflation to explode to 9.1% just a year ago, is failing, she noted.

“It may be too late for Biden to toot his horn,” she said.

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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.