The ladies on the view had another meltdown on Monday over the prospect of former President Donald Trump winning again next year under an increasingly likely scenario.

OPINION: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

During Monday’s program, a portion of the show was dedicated to discussing the No Labels group, a movement that aims to establish its own presidential ticket in the event that Democrats and Republicans are unable to embrace more moderate positions and find common ground.

The segment began with a clip featuring former politicians Joe Lieberman and Doug Jones, who shed light on the aspirations of the No Labels movement. They emphasized the movement’s objective to offer a third-party alternative for a significant portion of the American population who feel unrepresented by the existing two-party system.

However, the co-hosts expressed varying opinions on the matter, displaying a mix of support and caution. While some co-hosts favored the idea of presenting a centrist alternative, others raised concerns that such a candidacy could inadvertently assist Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency.

Ana Navarro specifically highlighted that a No Labels campaign might act as a spoiler against Joe Biden, potentially attracting votes from his crucial demographic. Navarro strongly criticized the No Labels plan, referring to it as “the stupidest thing ever” and deeming it “dangerous.”

“This is not Bill Clinton versus George Herbert Walker Bush with Ross Perot playing spoiler. No, this is Donald Trump. He is a threat to national security. He has threatened our democracy. He caused an insurrection. He has weaponized government against his enemies,” Navarro railed.

“And so if you, John Huntsman, or Joe Lieberman, I love you Joe Lieberman, but you’ve got to stop this… this is insane. And you cannot do anything, anything, that could possibly help Donald Trump become president. You cannot be an accomplice on that,” she added.

However, Sunny Hostin put forth a different viewpoint, expressing her disappointment in the polarization within the United States. She proposed that a multi-party system could be an ideal solution but acknowledged that it currently faces obstacles due to the nation’s unresolved issues.

In conclusion, Whoopi Goldberg chimed in, suggesting that both major parties are experiencing a sense of panic as they recognize that President Biden’s strength primarily lies in his ability to oppose Trump or any other potential Republican candidate.


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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.