[WND STAFF] TThe White House has its own police department, the U.S. Secret Service.

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And it probably has more surveillance and tighter security than most buildings worldwide.

Still, a report from NPR reveals the Secret Service says it may never be known who left cocaine there.

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The investigation into the discovery of cocaine in the White House now has been closed, as were two earlier investigations into the discovery of marijuana left in the White House.

“The cocaine was found on July 2 in a vestibule off the lobby of a lower-level West Wing entrance, stashed in a cubbyhole near the Situation Room, where officials store cellphones during meetings,” the report said.

Joe Biden and his family members were away at Camp David right at the time the cocaine was found, and the report explained the room is open to visitors and such.

There was no video footage, no physical evidence, and apparently not even any interviews.

“The investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered,” the Secret Service said in his closure announcement.

The Daily Wire reported that Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., confirmed the police did not appear even to ask Hunter Biden any questions, even though the younger Biden publicly has admitted to not just cocaine use but addiction, in recent years.

“We’ve got no answers,” Cotton said in a weekend interview. “That’s not surprising. The Secret Service is a troubled agency as it’s long had challenges. It probably needs new leadership.”

He said, however, there remain concerns because while cocaine may not, in this case, have been a significant threat, “What if this was anthrax?”

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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.