Former Fox News personality Geraldo Rivera, who has been a lifelong friend of former President Donald Trump, surprisingly enough, has now said that President Joe Biden ought to just pardon his predecessor now and get it over with for the sake of the country.

He compared the current situation to when President Richard Nixon agreed to step down from his office in order to avoid messy political fallout stemming from the Watergate scandal.

Nixon’s resignation kept the country from becoming hopelessly divided and pardoning Trump would do the same, Rivera believes.

Only, Trump has to agree not to ever run for the presidency again.

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He told Chris Cuomo of NewsNation (see video below):

“Watergate, the end of the Nixon presidency really exacerbated what divides us. Gerald Ford came in, the accidental president, he pardoned Richard Nixon. Watergate disappeared except in the history books. Woodward and Bernstein extolled for their virtue. But I would like to see that now. I would like to see Joe Biden pardon Donald Trump, and Donald Trump pledge not to run for office again.”

A former attorney for Donald Trump verbally smacked down George Stephanopoulos last month after the ABC morning show host tried to say that Trump’s classified documents case was somehow different than President Joe Biden possessing similar documents.

The attorney, Jim Trusty, left Trump’s employ along with another lawyer now that Trump has been indicted in Florida on charges related to his possession and handling of classified documents. But he spoke highly of his former client and said without hesitation that he believes Biden’s actions and behaviors are far worse but most of the mainstream media is Democrat-friendly and won’t report it.

“When I have this conversation with him, he very quickly pivots to concern about the country. You know, it’s not a real selfish analysis. It’s this is a bad moment for our history. This is our country turning the corner. And as somebody that’s been around criminal justice for over 30 years, I agree with him. It’s a Rubicon we shouldn’t be crossing,” Trusty told the host.

“But doesn’t the president, don’t you believe in the principle that no person is above the law? If the president committed the same crime that someone else did, shouldn’t he be charged?” Stephanopoulos said.

“No person is below the law. That’s really the issue here. I mean, you’ve got these investigations in Delaware that are a thousand times more serious by a sitting president who has authorized his DOJ to try to sink the candidacy of his prime opposition while that guy has unsecured documents that he stole out of a SCIF dozens of years ago. So, look, you know, we’re not talking about some sort of favoritism,” Trusty added.

“What are you talking about?! That is a ridiculous statement,” Stephanopoulos fired back.

“There’s this issue (laughs) Nice try,” Trusty added.


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