The former Speaker is in the House.

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich blasted Joe Biden following multiple reports from various outlets and claims by whistleblowers that the president allegedly has many ties to corrupt foreign dealings.

Gingrich made his allegations in an interview with Fox News. Here’s a partial transcript (see video below):

NEWT GINGRICH, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Look, I mean, the Biden administration is either corrupt or lives in a fantasyland.

In either case, it’s dangerous to the United States. If Yellen actually believes what she’s saying, she’s in a total fantasyland. And when I watch, for example, the secretary of state, who’d been paid, I think, over a million dollars a year by the University of Pennsylvania with money which I think came directly from communist China, I’m not particularly reassured.

So I think, whether it’s on a fantasy front or a corruption front, the Biden administration is enormously dangerous to the survival of America and an enormous asset in the creation of a Chinese communist dominant system. I think it’s enormously difficult.

BARTIROMO: This is just stunning. What you’re saying is stunning.


BARTIROMO: Well, and they have ramped up on Joe Biden’s watch, Newt.

I mean, and it’s incredible to me that these are some of the most serious allegations leveled against a president, all of this influence peddling, and the mainstream media will not discuss it, although you had a mention of his granddaughter by Maureen Dowd, right?


Look, I think you’re beginning to see a break in the system, because it’s becoming so sickening. It’s so obvious. Frankly, the research by the House Republicans is so compelling that I think the whole thing is going to break down.

And I think, even for a lot of liberals, watching a president of the United States turned their granddaughter into a nonperson, literally canceling her in a way that is, I think, horrifying, lets you know how cold and ruthless and calculating the Bidens are, and also tells you how much you can count on them to be honest about Hunter or about money or you name it.

This is a — this is the most corrupt administration in American history, surrounded by people who live in a fantasyland in terms of how the world works. And the combination, I think, is an enormous danger to the very safety and survival of the United States.


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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.