What did the Bidens know and when did they know it?

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A former FBI agent-turned-Customs and Border Protection chief is questioning why it’s taking the Secret Service so long to identify who brought cocaine into the White House.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, Morgan presented a series of speculative points that suggested possible obstacles to the ongoing inquiry of the U.S. Secret Service. The conjectures raised concerns about potential interference by certain members of the executive branch, prompting questions about the progress of the investigation.

Morgan, a highly experienced law enforcement professional, strongly argues that the case should have been resolved within a matter of days. He based his opinion off direct knowledge – he knows through experience “everybody that enters the White House is manifested,” meaning that there should be comprehensive records available to aid the investigation.

Morgan proffered that with “forensic evidence, controlled access, cameras, witnesses, the manifest of who actually is coming to the White House, and who’s going through those areas, and a limited timeframe,” the probe should be, in essence, a formality.

organ’s understanding of the situation goes beyond mere speculation, as he possesses detailed knowledge of the area where the cocaine was allegedly discovered: small storage units commonly referred to as “cubbies.” These compartments are primarily utilized for securing personal items.

He also shed light on the established protocol, highlighting that individuals visiting sensitive areas like the Oval Office and the Situation Room are typically required to store their mobile phones in these lockboxes.

Despite the Secret Service maintaining silence regarding the ongoing investigation, Morgan remains skeptical about the slowness of progress. Drawing from his extensive experience with the FBI, he asserted that in high-priority cases, there is an anticipated sense of urgency, with video footage promptly downloaded, tapes meticulously reviewed, and interviews conducted swiftly, all in order to expedite the investigation.

Because of all of that, he also wondered if the Secret Service is even being permitted to conduct a legitimate and thorough investigation.

“Morgan’s speculations don’t end there; he introduces the possibility of the White House exerting influence over the trajectory of the investigation. He posits that the Deputy Chief of Staff, who would typically be the point of contact between the White House and the Secret Service, may play a crucial role in this regard,” Resist the Mainstream reported.

The outlet added:

The identity of the individual who brought the cocaine into the White House remains unknown at this juncture. However, Morgan conjectured that the cocaine enthusiast was probably a guest, rather than a permanent staff member.

No official word has yet been released regarding the identity of the person responsible, or any specific steps taken to progress the investigation. The situation remains in flux, with both the White House and the Secret Service remaining largely silent on the matter.

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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.