It’s time for the current president of the United States to be humbled, apparently.

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Commentator Meghan McCain, whose father, Sen. John McCain, was a Senate stalwart for years and a GOP presidential nominee at one time, has written a commentary for the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom identifying the one “great fraud” by Joe Biden on the American people.

It’s not his overseas business schemes, from which he’s apparently made millions. Nor his participating in son Hunter Biden’s similar business operations.

Nor his extremism on the LGBT agenda – he allowed a man who has been chemically altered to have breasts bare them on the White House lawn.

Nor his claims to be devoted to family.

Nor the fact last weekend cocaine was found in the White House, triggering a lockdown and police investigation.

Nor his lies.

It is, she said, “the pretense that he is a fundamentally decent man.”

She started off explaining the incident of the transgender radical, and the “dime bag of cocaine.”

And she explains Joe Biden has started treating the White House as is personal property, even though he owns several other mansions and resort-style homes.

“Can President Joe Biden’s administration drag the White House any lower? Yes, they can!’ she explained.

She said “the worst” of Joe Biden is his refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter, Navy.

“Navy Joan Roberts is Hunter Biden’s illegitimate four-year-old child and the president’s seventh grandkid. Lunden Roberts is Navy’s mother. She’s an Arkansas woman and former exotic dancer, who was once on the payroll of Hunter’s influence-peddling firm, Rosemont Seneca,” McCain wrote.

“That was until he reportedly had her kicked off the company health insurance plan after she gave birth. Hunter then denied paternity of their child and wrote in his memoir that he had no recollection of their relationship. A DNA test, court filings and texts from his filthy laptop have proven otherwise.”

Even now, Joe and Jill Biden “publicly and privately” claim that the president has six grandchildren, not seven, leaving Navy out.

“This is the stuff of trailer park trash, a re-run of the Jerry Springer show. Except, of course, this is playing out smack dab in the middle of Washington. D.C., an open secret enabled by the mainstream media.”

Joe Biden repeatedly has claimed only six grandchildren.

“It makes you wonder about the character of a man who can lie so easily. Last week, after years in court, Hunter and Lunden Roberts reportedly reached an agreement to slash Hunter’s child support payments and – most shockingly – abandon a petition to allow Navy to use the Biden family name,” McCain wrote.

“It’s all so stunningly elitist.”

She continued, “Joe Biden’s public image is centered around his devotion to his family and his only surviving son, Hunter. In a White House ‘Proclamation on Father’s Day,’ he wrote: ‘My dad, Joseph Robinette Biden Sr., taught me values early in life that continue to inspire me today… he taught me that, above all, family is the beginning, middle, and end — a lesson I have passed down to my children and grandchildren.’”

“Nauseating,” McCain wrote.

“I don’t know what Lunden Roberts has done – or if she has earned the Biden family’s scorn. But what I do know is that the child is innocent and deserves to be acknowledged. Well, here we are – expected to look the other way and support this decrepit, morally abhorrent man’s bid for a second term, because he’s better than Trump.

“But is anything that Trump did in the White House worse than this?” she wondered.

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Disclaimer: This article may contain commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.