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Former National Security Council chief of staff drops bomb on Joe Biden, says because of his many scandals he shouldn’t have a security clearance

A former high-ranking security official has made a startling revelation about the commander-in-chief.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

The former chief of staff for the National Security Council says Joe Biden’s scandals are too disturbing for him to qualify – if he was not president – for a security clearance to deal with the nation’s secrets.

Fred Fleitz, who also is a former CIA analyst, was interviewed on “John Solomon Reports,” and said there are too many concerns “he might be compromised.”

The evidence has been adding up, regarding a “pressure campaign to get communist China energy executives to pay money,” those classified documents stored in an unsecure garage next to his sports car, those allegations of bribery in Ukraine, those claims of Russian disinformation, used to change the results of an election, that have been debunked. There are the tens of millions of dollars the Biden family was paid by foreigners, apparently for providing no service other than access to Joe Biden. Congress even is listing policy decisions Joe Biden made to benefit those foreigners.

The report explained that the “scandalous evidence engulfing Joe Biden’s family right now” means he probably could not get in if he applied for a job at the FBI or CIA.

“I put it this way,” Fleitz said in the interview. “If Joe Biden was applying for a job in the CIA, he wouldn’t get a clearance given all these ethical conflicts and payments from China.”

The obvious concern? “He might be compromised.”

Further, Kevin Brock, retired FBI assistant director for intelligence, said Biden would not be an attractive candidate.

“Anyone who wants to become an FBI agent has to pass a polygraph specifically designed to determine if the applicant has any compromising entanglements with a hostile foreign power,” Brock told Just the News. “If Joe applied and said he had none, the machine might not recover. The closest he’d come to being an agent are those aviator sunglasses.”

The report listed just the latest scandals involving Joe Biden:

The report pointed out that Biden continues to deny any wrongdoing – even while “many of his claims dating to 2019 now conflict with public evidence.”

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