Joe Biden has officially announced his candidacy for reelection, but there is a growing amount of speculation indicating that he may not complete his term.

This speculation has sparked discussions about his vice president, unfortunately raising questions about their potential succession.

A startling report has highlighted the possibility that the 2024 presidential election could revolve more around electing Kamala Harris to the White House rather than Joe Biden.

According to a Just the News report, there is concern that the 2024 election may potentially pave the way for Kamala Harris to occupy the Oval Office for a complete decade.

The possibility emerged following White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s statement, where she refrained from making predictions and emphasized not preempting the president’s actions.

That was when she was asked if Biden, now heading at full speed toward 81 years old, would serve a second full term if he’s elected.

Of course, if Biden would be elected and not serve the full term, that would be his vice president, Harris, would be promoted to the office.

“Should Biden serve half of his second term or more before handing the reins over to Harris, she could serve for the rest of his term and run for president at the top of the ticket in 2028. She could also run again in 2032 for another four-year term,” Just the News documented.

If Biden would serve only a few months, or anything less than half a term, Harris, under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, could only seek re-election once.

It’s an open question because Biden, if he would complete a second term, would be 86. There have been critics already who openly have wondered if he would make it to that point.

Jean-Pierre, on the issue of Biden’s service, said, “That’s something for him to decide. I’m just not going to get ahead of the president.”

She later added on social media that she could confirm if re-elected, Biden would “serve all eight years.”

According to the outlet, historian Craig Shirley said that “anything is possible” in American politics.

“So, yes, it’s quite possible with Kamala Harris, but for her to be elected in her own right, God will have to drop everything else,” he added, based on her own low approval ratings, nearly as far underwater as Joe Biden’s.

report at Breitbart explained political contributor Van Jones confirmed it is Harris who was “essentially running for president” in 2024.

Jones claimed Harris was “extraordinary” in her earlier jobs, as prosecutor, attorney general and senator.

“And I just think sometimes if the team never really gives you the ball and lets you shoot your shot, you might underestimate that player. I mean I think what you will see going forward is Joe Biden if he’s smart will run a Jimmy Carter Rose Garden campaign. He will let Kamala Harris go out there and do the blocking and tackling on the campaign trail.”

He said he would expect people then would be “impressed.”

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