Former President Donald Trump has once again made a successful bid for elected public office, only it was for a race he wasn’t running.

According to KOIN News, it has been reported that the previous president has secured a position on the board of the Hubbard Fire District in Oregon.

Trump emerged as one of the five write-in candidates for the role of Hubbard Fire District Board Director for Position No. 3. The district is responsible for serving approximately 5,000 residents.

n a situation where each of the five candidates received an equal number of votes (2 votes each), officials had to find a fair way to determine the winner. They decided to resolve the tie by rolling a 12-sided die multiple times.

Luck was on Trump’s side during these rolls, and as a result, he was declared the victor and awarded the office, according to the report.

Despite fortune’s favor, Trump, if he were interested in the position, would have problems actually serving in that post.

Fire Chief Michael Kahrmann told KOIN 6: “The next step for the Hubbard Fire District is to determine if any of the other candidates are interested in the position…There is a requirement that Board Directors must either live in or own property in the Hubbard Fire District.”

Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess added: I’m not sure how the fire district is going to determine if Donald Trump or a Donald Trump owns property…The likelihood is probably not great since we don’t even have a Donald Trump registered in the county.”

Burgess said of the whole affair that “[i]t just shows the persnicketiness that we go through when people are doing write-ins.”

Based on the available information, there is currently no indication that Trump has announced any intention to move to the Hubbard Fire District. Consequently, the upcoming meeting of the Hubbard Fire District on July 12 is anticipated to involve a decision regarding the individual who will fill the vacant position.

Although Trump may have been successful in securing Hubbard Fire District Board Director Position No. 3 in Oregon, it is important to note that his formal pursuit is focused on the presidency of the United States.

As of now, Trump is emerging as the frontrunner among the Republican candidates in a highly competitive field. His popularity in the polls surpasses that of any other Republican contender by a significant margin. Notably, even polling outlets that previously did not indicate him as being ahead of Joe Biden are starting to recognize Trump’s lead in a potential general election matchup.

If Trump were to secure a clear majority or plurality of the popular vote, he would be the first Republican presidential candidate since 2004 to achieve such broad support from voters.

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