House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) says Hunter Biden may finally be forced to admit that the controversial laptop containing so much scandalous information about him and his family is actually his.

Comer made his remarks during an interview with “Fox & Friends” on Friday morning in a conversation with co-host Steve Doocy. He was responding to a deposition the first son was to give a day earlier in response to a defamation lawsuit filed by the Delaware repairman, John Paul Mac Isaac, who turned it over to the FBI after it was abandoned in the fall of 2019.

Here’s a partial transcript (see video below):

STEVE DOOCY, FOX NEWS HOST: What do you make of the Hunter Biden laptop defamation case today? This could probably be the first time he ever admits, yes, that’s mine.

REP. JAMES COMER: Yes. Well, I just think it’s ironic because the media went all in on, this is Russian disinformation for so long. There are still Democrats in Congress that they only get their news from MSNBC. They really still don’t know that the laptop is Hunter Biden’s. They still think that it was compromised somehow.

So, the fact that the Bidens had denied that this was his laptop for so long, and now they’re going to have to admit it in court today, I think, is very ironic.

AINSLEY EARHARDT, FOX NEWS HOST: What did you think of Gary Shapley’s interview last night with Bret Baier. He said he was very frustrated his team was hindered, and he said –

DOOCY: There was a wall (ph).

AINSLEY EARHARDT: Yes, he said we’re trying to investigate Hunter Biden. The DOJ prosecutors directed investigators to avoid asking questions about the big guy. We just – we just heard in that report.

COMER: I mean this is another example of the Department of Justice meddling to have a cover-up. This is a cover up of public corruption at the highest level. And if you go back to when we brought the general counsel for the National Archives in for a transcribed interview in the House Oversight Committee, they said the DOJ told them to stand down.

We have FBI whistleblowers that Senator Grassley and I have worked with that said they were told to stand down on this investigation of Biden bribery.

Now you have a — two very credible IRS whistleblowers who have said the same thing. They started finding those shell companies that we disclosed in the – in the House Oversight Committee. And I think they were on number five or number six out of 19 and they were told to stand down.

So, we have a situation here where our federal government has involved – has been involved in a cover-up. It’s generated by the Department of Justice. And it continues with this Hunter Biden plea deal. I mean this is a slap in the face of every American who works hard and pays taxes and believes in our system of justice.


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