Former top-rated Fox News host Megyn Kelly provided details behind the leak of a seemingly damning audio recording of former President Donald Trump discussing what may have been classified materials with persons not authorized to see or hear such information.

The audio was leaked to CNN and published last week. It is believed that the leak came from President Joe Biden’s Justice Department.

But while the audio appears to put Trump in a bad light, Kelly, an attorney by training, offered another explanation.

“One thing that they haven’t leaked, which is very interesting – if you read the indictment, it talks about the terrible nuclear secrets that Trump has been hoarding down at Mar-a-Lago. Well, why haven’t they leaked?” she said during her Tuesday podcast.

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“They would have gotten more specific in the leaks if they had something that really made him look bad,” she added. “They would. They’ve proven that.

“And the fact that they just want to scare us with the rhetoric that’s being used tells me they’re trying to sort of amp it up. If they really had a dead-to-rights document, they would have leaked it,” she continued.

“We would know more specifically without actually compromising our secrets what exactly they had, so this DOJ is in it up to their necks,” she said.


Trump has made it perfectly clear why he believes Joe Biden has made the unprecedented decision to allow a former president to be indicted, despite the bad precedent it sets and what it will do to the country.

“Tucker Carlson, a very good guy, is exactly right,” Trump said in response to a recent video posted to Twitter by the former Fox News star discussing the indictment.

“The number one reason the totally corrupt Biden Administration and the sick Washington Establishment are after me is because I stand up to their failed foreign policy agenda,” Trump continued.

“The one thing that Washington can not forgive is that I put America First, always put America First, could never help it. I have to do that in order to Make America Great Again,” he said. “I reject their foolish and disastrous foreign wars, their horrific globalist trade deals, their open borders catastrophes, their corruption of our intelligence system, and it’s never been more corrupt, and all of the other betrayals of the American people.

“Most recently, the warmongers, globalists, and deep staters are absolutely livid that I refuse to bend the knee to their next endless war in Ukraine. I want peace!” he declared. “They want money, and they want conflict, even if it means walking us into the brink of WW3.”

“That’s why, despite the massive criminality and corruption of the Clintons, the Bidens, the Obamas, and all the rest, none of them ever get indicted or ever get investigated. They’re totally protected by a fake and disgusting system. But I did everything right, and the system tries to throw me right into jail!”

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