There’s been no lack of accusations that Joe Biden is ignorant on many issues.

Originally published by WND News Service. Used with permission.

But now he’s taking a ton of criticism for his own claim to be ignorant – about son Hunter Biden’s scandalous business operations.

Those deals, based on evidence now available, appear largely to have involved selling access to Joe Biden as vice president, or president. The industry, according to congressional investigators, involves tens of millions of dollars and a labyrinth of bank accounts used to transfer money to multiple Biden clan members.

Joe Biden has maintained throughout that he knows nothing about Hunter’s dealings, and never discussed those with Hunter. But recently revealed evidence shows he apparently was in the room with Hunter when a business deal was going down, and Hunter even threatened that Joe would help him make the other side “regret” not doing what Hunter instructed.

So a reporter this week asked Biden, “Did you lie about never speaking with Hunter about his business deals?” To which Biden said, “No.”

Commenters online erupted. “Do you really think he remembers?” wrote one. “He excels at revisionist history. I do believe he and his henchmen make it up as they go along. Living a fairy tale.”

The activists at ForAmerica said, “Fact check: false.”

Tim Graham, of NewsBusters, said, “Still lying.”

Chris Plante, a radio personality, “Joe Biden even lies about lying.”

Republicans added their perspective. Operative Jake Schneider said, “BREAKING: Biden is STILL claiming he has never spoken to his son Hunter about his corrupt foreign business deals. We know that is a complete lie.”

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, cut to the chase, saying, “If the allegations are false, Joe Biden could clear this up by being transparent & sharing the truth with the American people.”

Tommy Pigott, a rapid response director for the GOP, said, “There is a mountain of evidence that suggests Biden not only knew about but was involved in his family’s influence peddling – including text messages, emails, a voicemail, visitor’s logs, photographs, and on-the-record accounts.”

Fox News described Biden as being “torched” for his claims.

It said, “President Biden was shredded on Twitter after he denied lying about not having conversations with son Hunter Biden regarding his business dealings Monday. An IRS whistleblower on the Hunter Biden probe recently told Congress that the president’s son referred to his father to pressure a Chinese business partner and claimed the elder Biden was in the room while he was conducting business deals. This is the latest revelation in a years-long scandal suggesting the Bidens engaged in corrupt dealings in foreign countries.”

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