Rep. Nancy Mace was being interviewed by CBS News on Tuesday in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s arraignment in a federal courtroom in Miami over a 37-count indictment related to his handling of classified materials.

Mind you, lawmakers don’t book themselves on these news shows — producers for the shows call them and ask them to come on.

But apparently, CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell didn’t want to hear what the South Carolina Republican had to say about the matter, as she cut away from Mace as the lawmaker attempted to explain Trump’s side of the case.

In a post retweeted by Rep. Nancy Mace herself, the pro-Trump “MAGA Inc.” PAC tweeted the video, saying: “Wow, the liberal media can’t handle the truth on the boxes hoax.”

“Again, the FBI had access to those documents, they had access to those boxes, and they had access to all those rooms as well,” Mace said. “I remember last summer, it was reported that the FBI had access to Mar-a-Lago.”

O’Donnell spoke over Mace, ended the interview, and told Mace: “Thank you so much, Congresswoman. I apologize about the audio issues.”

Mace replied, “Yeah, I’m sure.”




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