The court of public opinion is not valid for a conviction, but it says a lot about attitudes among Americans on particular issues.

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Americans already have convicted the Biden family of accepting bribes specifically to “influence policy” in Washington.

A new poll, by Convention of States Action in partnership with The Trafalgar Group, accepted the opinions of 1,000 likely general election voters.

More than 53% agreed with the statement, “As a result of the ongoing congressional investigation into Hunter Biden, do you believe the Biden family received payments from foreign nationals to influence policy in Washington, D.C?”

In fact, a whistleblower confirmed the FBI already has a document from a trusted “confidential human source” charging that Joe Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from a Ukrainian gas company official to get rid of an investigation in alleged corruption at the company.

Members of Congress have explained their investigation suggested the accusation was made directly to the “CHS” by an executive of the gas company, who reportedly kept audio recordings of his conversations with the Bidens.

It was Joe Biden who traveled to Ukraine on an official trip as vice president and threatened to withhold American aid

if officials didn’t fire the prosecutor. American taxpayers know this because he bragged about it.

House investigators say they know of at least $10 million that came to the Biden family members from foreigners – in return for no apparent services or products except access to Joe Biden.

They say there were attempts to conceal the payments through a labyrinth of bank accounts and institutions.

“While Biden uses his weaponized DOJ to target Trump with an unprecedented prosecution, his family used the office of the vice president and president to sell access to foreign leaders,” said Mark Meckler, president of the Convention of States. “The congressional investigation is not even complete, and this poll shows the majority of Americans have already seen enough documented proof to believe a disgraceful and illegal scam was/is being run by President Biden’s family.

“This is an affront to our country and the DOJ and FBI are continuing to subvert justice and cover for the Biden crime syndicate.”

The poll showed 53.3% of voters “say that as the result of the ongoing congressional investigation into Hunter Biden, they believe the Biden family received payments from foreign nationals to influence policy in Washington, D.C.”

Only 31.4% of voters say they have not been convinced yet.

Even 11.2% of members of Biden’s own party, the Democrats, say they are convinced that the Biden’s did get those payments for influencing American policy. Only 65.2% say they don’t believe it, with about one-quarter of all

Among independents, 50.7% say they believe the Bidens did take payoffs, while 29.8% say they do not believe that yet.

There was near-unanimity among Republicans, with 89.8% saying they believe the Bidens were paid off by foreigners to influence American policy in favor of those foreigners.

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