A Democrat-orchestrated investigation – and indictment – has President Trump appearing in court on charges related to his handling of government documents.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

So, a growing number of editorials are asking, where is the similar investigation of the Biden clan?

A headline by Elizabeth Stauffer in the Washington Examiner said, “Let’s apply the Jack Smith standard to Biden and Hillary Clinton,” Smith being the prosecutor specially picked out by the partisan attorney general, Merrick Garland, to orchestrate something against Trump.

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She explained, “I read the Department of Justice’s indictment this weekend, and yes, it was a mess. Frankly, one can easily imagine former President Donald Trump ordering the movement of storage boxes from one location to another (and back again) and even waving a ‘senior military officials” attack plan in front of a writer for dramatic effect. Reckless? Yes. A violation of the law? Maybe. As corrupt as Hillary Clinton’s mishandling and destruction of classified material? Or the Biden family’s alleged influence-peddling operation? Not by a long shot.”

“One need not defend Trump’s behavior as outlined in the indictment to point out that the Justice Department’s charges in this case are the result of selective prosecution. Consider, for example, the many cases of rule-bending and breaking that the DOJ has turned a blind eye to at Trump’s expense,” the commentary said.

She cited, “In March 2019, Fox News obtained a copy of an internal FBI chart created during its ‘Midyear Exam’ investigation into Clinton’s use of a private server when she was secretary of state. The following comment appeared next to 18 U.S. Code 793 (f) , the section of the statute most applicable to Clinton’s case: ‘NOTE: DOJ not willing to charge this; only known cases are Military, cases when accused lost the information (e.g. thumb drive sent to unknown recipient at wrong address.)’

“Call me crazy, but Clinton’s use of a private server, her subsequent deletion of more than 33,000 emails that were under subpoena with BleachBit, and the destruction of her personal cellphones with hammers sure sound like violations of 18 U.S.C. These measures go well beyond ‘gross negligence,’ which was how then-FBI Director James Comey described Clinton’s actions in the first draft of his exoneration memo.”

The commentary also cited the involvement of the FBI, the DOJ and even the briefing to Barack Obama regarding the fabrications in 2016 by Democrats and Deep Staters of the Russiagate collusion lies about President Trump.

And recent allegations about evidence of bribes being paid by Ukrainians to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, “$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden.”

She said, “In other words, a corruption case against the Biden family is on the verge of exploding. These are serious, damning allegations that, if proven, could cost the president much more than reelection.”

Another headline bluntly said, “Biden family business needs its own special counsel.”

That one, signed by “Washington Examiner,” said, “Perhaps the worst argument against indicting former President Donald Trump is that the Justice Department failed to pursue strong cases against the Clinton and Biden presidential families. The right answer isn’t to let Trump skate free but, without ignoring political realities, to hold serious presidential corruption to account. This certainly applies to the obvious malfeasance of the Bidens.”

It said the Justice Department, “inexcusably,” isn’t being tough with the Bidens.

It quoted Andrew C. McCarthy, a former high-ranking federal prosecutor, explaining, “The telltale signs of illegitimate business are reticulated payment arrangements featuring shell companies, complex banking channels, and money transfers to people with no clear — and sometimes no plausible — connection to the provision of goods and services. Such practices are strongly suggestive of money-laundering. … This is what one sees with the Biden-family transactions. So far, House Republicans have shown the use of 20 limited-liability companies for transferring funds — 15 of them established by Hunter while his father was vice president.”

The Examiner added, “The obvious common thread is that none of it makes any sense for the foreign officials unless Joe Biden himself was lending a hand on desired policy outcomes.”

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