Anheuser-Busch teamed with a female-identifying man to promote its Bud Light beer to cowboys, truck drivers, suburbanites, NASCAR fans and more.

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It lost some $27 billion in corporate value, and analysts predict the brand never will regain its customer base.

Target plunged head-first into promotions of transgender clothing and other LGBT ideology even for children, and lost some $15 billion in value.

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One analyst called the losses, triggered by pushback from American consumers against the “woke” ideology, “staggering.”

Now, it appears, Major League Baseball is trying to avoid any such collapse.

A report in the Washington Stand explained the league has been “quietly ordering teams to ditch their Pride uniforms entirely.”

Which, the report said, “signals that the tables have, in fact, turned.”

“At a time when Americans are pummeling pro-trans companies, the sports world has been working since January to put out the fires lit by (NHL) defenseman Ivan Provorov. The Russian, who triggered a moral uprising across North American locker rooms by refusing to wear a Pride jersey, was the catalyst for a league-wide mutiny no one saw coming. In the months that followed, six teams decided to kill the rainbow gear altogether, and a steady drip of skaters and goalies opted out, creating a PR nightmare for the front office. By the end of the regular season, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman admitted that the league would have to reevaluate whether it would continue coercing players to wear a political message they personally opposed,” The Stand said.

Baseball, the report said, took note, “sending a blanket ban under the radar to every team in February. The news only started circulating last week when The Tampa Bay Times warned fans that Pride Night would look different this year,” The Stand said.

The Times report said there are no “rainbow-themed caps or uniform patches” for players.

It said the new direction was adopted at an owners meeting in February, just as the New York Rangers and New York Islanders, “in one of the bluest cities in America,” rejected the mandate for the “woke” ideology.

So, the report said, baseball owners said their league no longer would use uniforms “to promote specific causes that were not league-driven, such as Mother’s Day or to honor Jackie Robinson.”

“This is a great example of what happens when a few people show some courage,” Joseph Backholm of the Family Research Council told The Stand. “It was always unreasonable to ask players to communicate a message they disagreed with — and when a few said no, the league was forced to justify what they were doing and couldn’t. Everyone but the bullies win in this situation.”

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