Here we go again.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

It has been confirmed that Jill Biden will headline campaign events in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco in the coming days. Solo.

Fox News revealed while the 2024 presidential election is more than a year out, Jill Biden will be sent on “solo outings” to fundraisers at those locations.

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The announcement immediately triggered concern over Joe Biden’s age. He will be 81 in just a few months.

One report published on MSN openly questioned whether Joe was “too old.”

Further, there have been questions about Jill Biden, whose recent appearances have not been without glitches.

The report said her “recent comment faux pas at a campaign event has garnered attention.”

“After stating that the common values uniting Americans are deeper than their divisions, she was met with an underwhelming response from the crowd. Quick on her feet, she playfully quipped, ‘I thought you might clap for that,’” the report said.

“The moment drew comparisons to Jeb Bush’s infamous plea for applause during the 2016 presidential election.”

Earlier she stirred controversy “for comparing the diversity of Hispanics to the flavors of breakfast tacos, which quickly became a meme circulated by the Republican Party. More recently, her suggestion that the losers of the NCAA women’s basketball final should visit the White House alongside the winners stirred up criticism and ultimately went unrealized.”

Further, the report noted, “Her decision to step into the spotlight raises questions about President Joe Biden’s ability to navigate the campaign trail alone. Will she be the secret weapon that secures his re-election, or will her involvement be seen as a sign of his vulnerability?”

Fox reported that in additional to raising funds, Jill Biden will join with Gabrielle Giffords, a former congresswoman who survived a tragic shooting, to mark the anniversary of an anti-gun organization.

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