Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) tore into the FBI and the Justice Department during a “Sunday Morning Futures” interview on the heels of former President Donald Trump’s indictment over his handling and possession of classified information.

Besides pointing out there is a major difference in how quickly charges were brought against Trump versus the slow, years-long alleged investigation into first son Hunter Biden, he accused both the FBI and DOJ of repeatedly interfering in American elections to thwart the 45th president.

Here’s a partial transcript (see video below):

When you consider the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, when you consider the fraudulent and corrupt investigation on Russian collusion, which was a complete lie, and the FBI knew it was, you put all these things together, the FBI, Department of Justice interfered in the 2016 election, in the 2020 election.

And here we go again. They’re going to be interfering in the 2024 election. They already have. What a mess. Obviously, President Trump’s going to have an ability to defend himself. But will he be able to defend himself quickly? Or is this going to drag on and on and on?

So it’s hard not to be suspicious of what the Department of Justice is doing once again. As you mentioned, the investigation Hunter Biden has been dragging on for years. They’re able to wrap up this investigation very rapidly.

In addition, they announce it pretty much the same day when the details of the FBI human — confidential human source is going to be revealed by members of Congress. And I won’t steal the congresswomen’s thunder here. But it’s all it’s all suspicious. And it’s just a horrible mess.

They were investigating Hunter Biden as far back as 2018. So this investigation is moving at a glacial pace. We have a whistle-blower coming into our office saying that U.S. attorney Weiss does not had the resources to do a proper investigation.

But what’s interesting, Maria, now that of this FBI document has been revealed, I have gone back and I have looked at the timeline. And, first of all, you have to understand the Bidens, certainly Hunter, I think probably Joe Biden as well, knew exactly the type of people they’re dealing with.

Hunter’s business partner who was also on the board of Burisma, Devon Archer, is now a convicted felon. Patrick Ho, who Hunter Biden was — paid a million dollars to defend against money laundering charges, Hunter Biden called him the “expletive deleted” spy chief of China.

In terms of Burisma — and that’s what this $5 million — or sounds like $10 million of bribe money paid, this all around Burisma and their corrupt oligarch, Mykola Zlochevsky. He was — his assets were seized by the U.K. in 2014, the same time when Hunter Biden and Devon were joining the board.

2015, he was declared — officially declared a fugitive. That’s when Andre — or that’s when Viktor Shokin was hired as a prosecutor general. 2015 is — we will find out is when all this activity was going on with the with the Bidens. 2016 is when Shokin opened up investigation. And, within three months, Shokin was fired.

And that’s about the same time that the Vice President Biden was talking to Poroshenko and demanding the firing of Shokin. So it’s incredibly corrupt. It’s incredibly dirty. The Bidens knew exactly the type people they were dealing with. But the mainstream media has, by and large, ignored it.

But it is interesting that The New York Times, at the tail end of December 2016, or 2015, was actually writing a story about the Bidens and this corrupt oligarch. But then they pretty well dropped the lead.

The complicit, compliant, corrupt media, they’re not covering this thing honestly. And, you know, we also have to point out — you talked about precedent-breaking. President Ford decided it was best for America not to pursue prosecution against President Nixon.

President Trump pretty much made the same decision decided, not to pursue any kind of prosecution of Hillary Clinton. Joe Biden could have made the exact same decision, but he didn’t. He allowed a SWAT raid on a very secure residence of President Trump over federal records, even though he was holding classified records himself.

So, that record issue should have been handled civilly. We never should be even in this place. But this is — these are decisions that President Biden made, as much as he’s probably lying about not — not talking to the Justice Department at all. That’s pretty hard to believe when you understand how many other lies President Biden has told the American public.

How could it not impact it? Not only is just the legal maneuvering going to distract from him. But this is going to be the lead story in the mainstream media until this case is decided.

So, I would certainly hope that this trial will take place quickly, that President Trump can defend himself, and we can get this behind us. But what I’m hearing from legal experts is, this trial may not even occur until after the 2024 election. That would be a travesty.


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