A former FBI agent who worked cases in southern Florida has made some eye-opening remarks about how she thinks a trial will go for former President Donald Trump, who has been ordered to appear in a federal court in Miami on Tuesday to be arraigned.

Trump was charged with 37 felony counts by special counsel Jack Smith in relation to his handling of classified documents. Critics have blasted the Biden administration for the charges and say it’s akin to Soviet-style persecution of a political enemy.

Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker offered her view of how the jury pool might view the case in an interview Friday with Fox News, noting that a lot of people that live in Miami-Dade County “come from countries where they don’t like to see political retribution.”

“First of all, I just want to make it very well known,” Parker told Martha MacCaullum. “I was an FBI agent, you know, here in the Southern District of Florida with the Miami Division of the FBI, I have never worked this investigation. I have never seen any evidence in this case.

“And I just want to make sure that’s fully disclosed. I did not work this investigation. I worked violent crime and white-collar crime,” she said.

“Based on what you’re saying, yes, this is the Southern District of Florida, the judge is appointed,” she said. “From what I understand right now, it’s Judge [Aileen] Cannon [a Trump appointee]. I have worked with many of these judges over the years here in the Southern District of Florida, you’re dealing with outstanding judges.

“The jury is going to be selected from, you know, Miami-Dade County, this is a county that a lot of these people come from countries where they don’t like to see political retribution. That is what they ran away from,” she added.

“A lot of people from, you know, Cuba, Venezuela, things of that sort. If they see something that they think might be politically based, you know, they’re going to probably take that into consideration.”


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