Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said earlier this week that the evidence against President Joe Biden regarding corruption allegations is overwhelming.

But she has gone a step farther and revealed that there is more proof than previously known.

For weeks, Republicans have been attempting to get ahold of an FBI document under subpoena by the House Oversight Committee, which the Georgia Republican sits on. She and other lawmakers were finally given access to it on Friday.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, she said that there are two more bombshell FD-1023 forms indicating Biden’s corruption besides the initial one the committee previously subpoenaed.

“He requested it, he and Hunter Biden requested $5 million each. ‘Pay me $5 million, pay my father $5 million, and we will take care of your problems for you,’” Greene said, accusing the Bidens of making the demand for money from an official from Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

In 2015, Burisma faced allegations of money laundering and public corruption. Prosecutor Victor Shokin was assigned to investigate the case until he was dismissed under circumstances that involved pressure exerted by then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Biden reportedly threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid from Ukraine unless the Ukrainian government removed the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma.

Greene also announced that the committee’s probe into the Bidens was expanding.

“We’re giving out subpoenas for two more banks. And this has to do with bank accounts related to Ukraine. So, we’re digging deeper into this,” she told Breitbart. “We were hoping to find, you know, actual transactions that relate to this 1023 form.”

She also noted that the source providing the FBI with the information on the Bidens is highly credible and very often used by the bureau.

“The FBI told us [that] they just think he’s their best one,” she said. “Everything he hands over is true. Everything he hands over is valuable. Everything he hands over is accurate.”

“The reason why [Hunter Biden] was on the board, taking a ridiculous salary, and getting paid these side bribes was literally because his father is the Vice President of the United States. And Hunter and [Joe] Biden have a business partnership, where Hunter goes out —and he does the groundwork — in order for his father to make the decisions and the policy changes for — to get payment,” Greene alleged.

“He’s [Joe] on a telephone call talking about it, he’s on video and an interview talking about it, where he literally withheld the U.S. aid from Ukraine and demanded that they fire Victor Shokin,” Green conclude. “And it happened. It happened.”

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