Sunday, October 1

Rep. Lauren Boebert railed at the U.S. Air Force after the service branch posted a tweet that appears to show an airman at attention and saluting the wrong flag.

Rather than facing towards an American flag, the saluting airman is featured in a graphic with rainbow colors as the service branch celebrates “Pride” month.

The so-called “pride” flag is rainbow-colored.

We salute one flag and one flag only in the United States of America. It isn’t the ‘Pride’ flag,” Boebert tweeted.


“Saluting the pride flag? Wow,” added DC Examiner columnist Ian Haworth.

Added “The Benny Show” host Benny Johnson: “A branch of the US Military just released a graphic celebrating a uniformed Service Member SALUTING the alphabet cult flag. It is illegal for an armed service member to salute anything but the American flag. This cult is actively disgracing our military like a conquered people.”

Earlier this week, Boebert also tweeted that several American companies that previously honored Pride Month and the pride flag have not done so this year, likely due to major backlash and boycotts of ‘woke’ brands.

Some of the woke companies that turned their logo into pride flags last June haven’t done it yet this time around. They’ve seen the power of conservative boycotts, and they are running scared. We are so back!” she wrote.