Former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard knows a thing or two about her former Democratic Party.

The self-declared independent ran for president as a centrist Democrat in 2020 and watched as she was relentlessly assaulted and smeared with false, baseless accusations, including one from Hillary Clinton claiming Gabbard was a ‘Russian asset.’

Gabbard, of course, is a U.S. Army Reserve and former Army National Guard officer who has served in a war zone.

In an interview with Fox News Wednesday night, she laid out the party’s strategy for taking down President Joe Biden’s most serious primary challenger, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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She noted how, already, Dems are launching attacks against Kennedy that are “baseless accusations and lies” because their intent is to “plant a seed of doubt and concern in voters’ minds.”

“It’s what I experienced in 2020 when I ran for president in the Democratic primary, and they’re doing the same thing with Kennedy,” Gabbard told host Harris Faulkner. “This is exactly what they’re doing against Kennedy.

“I didn’t have the hundreds of millions of dollars needed to combat this onslaught of a campaign that they waged. Kennedy doesn’t, either,” she continued. “I want to say if there are any wealthy billionaires who love the country and want to see the Democratic Party liberated from these ‘woke’ warmongers put your money where your values are.

“Bobby Kennedy could use help to go out there and share his message with voters because the DNC is not going to allow him to do that,” she said.

In a tweet she added:

“The DNC follows a 3-step plan to eliminate candidates who won’t conform to DNC directives.

1) Ignore/blackout.

2) Smear/discredit.

3) If people still take you seriously, weaponize all resources to spread baseless lies. They did it to me in 2020, and now doing it to Kennedy.”



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For the record, the DNC has also declared the party would not sponsor any debates even though RFK Jr. is rising in the polls and self-help guru Marianne Williamson is also running for the party’s 2024 presidential nomination.

The DNC bosses know that Biden is not mentally fit enough to debate so they are trying to protect him, critics have charged.

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