Taking the network’s cash cow off the air might be Fox News’s biggest blunder to date.

Originally published by WND News Service. Used with permission.

Journalist Emerald Robinson has obtained, and released, a transcript of what was to be Tucker Carlson’s next monologue on Fox News – it was prepared just before network executives took him off the air and it never was delivered to his fans.

Until now.

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Robinson posted on her web page the “monologue that got Tucker Carlson fired.” Specifically, his comments about Ray Epps, Jen Psaki, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

Carlson was to have started out with a blunt condemnation of the totalitarian speech controls that Democrats and other leftists are demanding for America.

A portion, after he cites comments from Sandy Cortez in an interview with Jen Psaki “in which she demands that authorities pull our show off the air.”

Here is the meat-and-potatoes segment:

Members of Congress aren’t allowed to talk like this. The Constitution of the United States prohibits it. American citizens have an inalienable right to critique and criticize their political leaders. Our politicians are not gods. They’re instruments of the public’s will. They serve the rest of us, not the other way around.

For that obvious reason, politicians can never censor our speech or try to control what we think. That unchanging fact is the basis of our founding documents, of our political system and our personal freedoms. As a former government official who claims now to be a journalist, Jen Psaki should know this, and defend America’s foundational principle. She refuses.

Instead, Psaki nods along like a fan as Sandy Cortez calls for law enforcement to shut down news programming. The White House Correspondents Association and various other self-described advocates of press freedom stay silent too. Apparently they agree with Ocasio-Cortes, or they’re too afraid to say otherwise.

It’s distressing to watch this. The last thing America needs is more public figures saying radical things. What if we came on the air five nights a week and called for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes to be handcuffed and carted away because we don’t like her political views? We could certainly do that. We never would, because it would be terrible for our country.

Extremism is self-perpetuating — the more you encourage, the more you get, exponentially. We don’t want that. We want to live in the United States we had a few years ago, where people who disagreed with one another were willing to debate directly, using facts and reason, and didn’t call for their opponents’ imprisonment. We’ll do whatever we can to return to that standard, including giving Sandy Cortez airtime.

She is welcome on this show any time. We’ll travel to meet her anywhere, and give her the full hour. We’ll be civil and rational, and let those watching decide who’s got a more appealing vision for America’s future. We’ve asked her to come on this show many times. We’ll continue to do that.

Carlson then would have talked about “Marxist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who wants his show canceled.

“She’s demanding that our show be canceled because the things we’re saying are quote, ‘very clearly an incitement to violence.’ Is this true? Even accounting for the fact that people tend to hear what they want to hear, it is not true. It’s a lie, as anyone who watches this show knows. We are opposed to violence, not just philosophically but in practical terms,” he said.

“We’re against violent crime — the strong oppressing the weak. We’re against the horrors of late-term abortion and state-encouraged euthanasia. And above all we’re passionately opposed to the violent and pointless cruelty of the war in Ukraine, which the Biden Administration could end at any moment, thus saving the lives of innocents, but is instead prolonging purely for ideological reasons,” he added in the monologue.

Carlson was to say that AOC is “one of those leaders” that endorse such “acts of violence.”

“She supports every one of those indefensible things, from abortion in the ninth month of pregnancy to extending the carnage in Ukraine. Who, honestly, is on the side of violence?”

And Carlson also mentions Ray Epps, a controversial figure who prominently appeared in situations Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol, when a few hundred people rioted and vandalized.

Questions have been raised over and over again why no charges have been leveled against him, based on the video of his actions that day.

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