Score another one for the 2024 Trump campaign.

Originally published by WND News Center. Used with permission.

A new Trump 2024 campaign ad has been launched, and it portrays his attackers, from special prosecutors assigned by Democrats to prosecute him to Democrats ranking as high as Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, as a “pack of wolves.” (See video below)

It is called “Wolves,” and, according to the Gateway Pundit, “covers the crimes, failures, and dangerous lies of Joe Biden, Democrats and their precious Deep State.”

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It states: “Here’s a question for you. Just how far are the radical left and inside the Beltway bandits willing to go to stop him? We all know they hate him for winning the fight to protect life, for exposing their Deep State, for draining their precious swamp. And they already know he’ll crush Biden. So like a pack of rabid wolves, they attack.

“‘So let’s impeach him. Let’s get tainted radical left prosecutors to charge him. Let’s conspire with Hillary and the FBI with fake stories about him, all to distract from Biden’s incompetence weakness and money grabbing corruption.’ But here’s the thing. He’ll never blink. That’s called having the courage of your convictions. And it’s why he’s our president.”

The ad shows images of Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, alternating with images of snarling wolves.


[videopress hPaqvFOc]

Organizations largely opposed to Trump pointed out that the images appeared as prosecutors were thought to be considering charges over the presidential documents he took with him to Florida, as other presidents have done in the past.

Bragg already has brought charges against Trump over business payments, a move former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described as dangerous to all Americans, since it could lead to prosecutions for “political” purposes.

He said, “A weaponized justice system, like the one on display in Manhattan’s courthouse this week, is dangerous for all Americans. The DA’s actions – and those like it – will only serve to undermine and erode trust in our legal system. By pursuing a blatant political prosecution of a former president with a shoddy legal case, Bragg is crossing a line that could lead to similar prosecutions on both sides of the political divide. It undermines the confidence the American people have that their legal system will be fair and blind to bias. This is bad for our Republic.”

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