Sunday, October 1

Joe Biden’s Justice Department has informed former President Donald Trump he is the target of a criminal probe now regarding his possession of classified documents and that an indictment is imminent.

The news comes “as the Justice Department declined to delay charges to give time to investigate allegations of witness tampering submitted by the former president’s legal team, according to multiple people on Wednesday familiar with the case,” Just the News reported.

“The sources directly familiar with the case told Just the News that DOJ declined to delay the planned indictment of Trump to investigate allegations that a senior prosecutor working on the case tried to influence a key witness by discussing a federal judgeship with the witness’ lawyer,” the site noted further.

That allegation is still pending in a secret case before Chief U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg, the jurist who oversees the federal court in Washington, D.C., and the grand juries that convene in that courthouse, the sources said,” the outlet added.

According to sources, an unprecedented federal indictment prepared by Special Counsel Jack Smith may be presented to a federal grand jury as soon as this week, targeting the 45th president.


Trump is already under indictment in a Manhattan court on charges related to concealing business expenses to cover up payments to a porn star and has pleaded not guilty to those charges.

Trump has consistently characterized both cases as components of a larger “witch hunt” and an unequal system of justice aimed at undermining his potential 2024 presidential bid.

In recent statements, Trump has asserted that Smith is biased and that the federal case against him is being handled differently compared to the case involving President Joe Biden, who was also found to have classified documents in his possession from his tenure as vice president.

“HOW CAN DOJ POSSIBLY CHARGE ME, WHO DID NOTHING WRONG, WHEN NO OTHER PRESIDENT’S WERE CHARGED, WHEN JOE BIDEN WON’T BE CHARGED FOR ANYTHING,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform in a post in which he also railed against the failure of DOJ to charge Hillary Clinton in 2016 over classified emails kept on her private email server.


Smith’s prosecution team has notified Trump’s legal team in recent days that the potential charges against the former president may encompass a violation of 18 U.S. Code Chapter 37 Section 793, which prohibits the “gathering, transmitting, or losing” of national defense information.

Additionally, other charges being contemplated involve alleged false statements and obstruction of justice, all of which Trump and his legal team have staunchly refuted both publicly and privately.

This week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) predicted Attorney General Merrick Garland would indict Trump and also explained what he thought it would be based on.

Speaking on Fox News, Cruz referenced a “two-tiered system of justice” that targets enemies of the president through “political weapons” like the FBI and IRS (see video below).

Mark my words: I believe Merrick Garland will indict Donald Trump. He wants to indict Donald Trump because he hates Donald Trump. He hates him, he’s angry. Merrick Garland is angry that he wasn’t confirmed to the Supreme Court. He wants to indict him.

I think the plan was to indict him over classified documents, and then he got the enormous problem that Joe Biden seemed to have classified documents everywhere, including in the garage by his old Corvette. I don’t think Merrick Garland will indict Donald Trump over classified documents.

Here’s my prediction: he’ll indict Trump over quote ‘obstruction of justice’ for hiding the classified documents… He’s going to create a crime about a non-crime.