As California’s major urban centers continue to devolve into hotbeds of crime, drug use, and tent cities — all while the Democrat elites who run them remain aloof and well-protected — a growing number of Americans are fleeing the state.

And that includes some legacy actors and entertainers, with Mark Wahlberg being one of them.

Wahlberg famously ditched Hollywood for Nevada last year, and now the megastar is busy working on a reboot of Tinsel Town. Call it “Hollywood 2.0,” without the overt left-wing political virtue-signaling that has beset the original version.

Wahlberg is known for his strict adherence to Catholicism, and he has focused on raising his kids to be intimately familiar with the faith.

Currently, he and other actors are pressing the Nevada state legislature to offer tax cuts and other incentives to move film and other production there.

“I would love to see us building studios, creating jobs, and just diversifying the economy. I’ve moved my last film here. I’m shooting another film here coming up in the summertime,” he told CNBC.

“I think there’s so much more opportunity to be created here. There’s so much growth and so much potential, it’s a wonderful opportunity for everybody to prosper,” he added.

Earlier, Walhberg said of his plans for a rebooted Hollywood: “We’re looking to create 10,000 jobs on the studio alone. The average salary would be $100,000 more than what it is now. We want to train people both in front of and behind the camera, create jobs, most importantly, first and foremost, for locals.”

Howard Hughes CEO David O’Reilly added: “Our employees and the future of Summerlin are inextricably linked with the Nevada economy. If we can strengthen, diversify and grow by bringing the film industry here, that will benefit all of us.”

“That money is only earned if money is spent here.

“For a company to earn $190 million tax credit they would have to spend $633 million filming and creating economic development for this whole valley,” he noted further.

CBS affiliate 8News Now continued:

Standing alongside Howard Hughes Corp. CEO David Reilly, Wahlberg said the bill would mean thousands of jobs and a long-term commitment to attracting the movie business to Southern Nevada.

“We want to create as much opportunity for as many people as possible,” he said, the local outlet reported. “We want to uncover new and exciting talent. There are so many amazing storytellers out there and so many amazing stories to be told.”

Noting that Nevada is now home to Wahlberg, the outlet quoted him as saying: “I just wish I’d made the move sooner.”

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