Legacy Fox News host Sean Hannity endured a round of boos during a town hall-style event he hosted Thursday evening featuring former President Donald Trump, the current 2024 GOP leader.

Hannity suggested that Trump tone down his rhetoric in an effort to attract more swing voters and suburban women, the latter of whom turned against him in 2020.

“People ask me, ‘Why does he have to fight so hard? Why doesn’t he pick his fights a little more? Why does he have to call people names?’ And the only reason I think this is an important question is because these… I think everyone here tonight is likely voting for you, right?” Hannity said.

“The 2024 presidential election would come down to those people that maybe are in the middle a little more who want Trump to just tone it down a hair, stop a little of the name-calling,” he added.

Cue the boos.

“I said it’s their question. Leave me alone,” Hannity said in response to the crowd, adding that doing so “might help you with swing voters that are needed for you to get over the finish line.”

But Trump dismissed the suggestion.

“From the day I got in I was under siege by people that had been in Washington for many years, put in there by many different presidents, in most cases, people that were against me. They spied on my campaign. They did all sorts of things.” Trump said.

“I was under investigation and under siege and so were my people. And if I wasn’t tough, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Trump continued. “I guarantee you that. If I didn’t fight back, I wouldn’t be here.”


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