Former President Donald Trump’s campaign is gearing out to beat Democrats at their own ground game in several key battleground states next year in order to secure victory and fulfill a 2024 campaign pledge.

According to The Washington Times, the Trump campaign is actively engaging in states such as Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, where the practice of ballot collection and drop-off has been legalized.

While some Republicans advocate for the prohibition of ballot harvesting, the former president has emerged as a prominent figure in vowing to “beat Democrats at their own game.” by embracing this tactic. By actively participating in ballot collection, the Trump camp aims to leverage the same strategy utilized by their political opponents, the Times reported.

The Trump campaign’s email states:

We recently alerted you that a Soros-linked Super PAC has begun targeting 6 battleground states with a $75 MILLION spending blitz to buy Crooked Joe the White House. But there’s something important we want to add…some of those states have legalized BALLOT HARVESTING.

At the beginning of the year, President Trump made a major announcement that our campaign would ballot harvest in the states where it’s legal to counter the Left’s schemes.

In February, the campaign noted in an email: “Our path forward is to MASTER the Democrats’ own game.” Both announcements were followed by fundraising pleas to match a planned $6 million blitz by liberal billionaire George Soros to ramp up Democrats’ ballot harvesting in battleground states.

The practice of ballot harvesting during the 2020 election drew significant attention in the aftermath of President Trump’s unexpected defeat to President Joe Biden.

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza released the documentary “2000 Mules,” which raised concerns about potential law-breaking by Democrats and its impact on the election outcome.

Republicans, including Kari Lake, the party’s nominee for governor in Arizona in 2022, have filed lawsuits alleging that ballot harvesting resulted in thousands of deceased individuals casting votes as part of an organized effort to suppress voter rights.

However, the courts have rejected her claims.

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