A big donor to GOP presidential contender Ron DeSantis has made a “bold” prediction about when he believes his candidate will Donald Trump and force the former president out of the 2024 race.

Dan Eberhart told Fox News’ Jesse Watters on Friday that he believes Trump is a “melting ice cube” and that he’s as popular now as he’s going to get.

Here’s a transcript, and the video containing the interview segment is below:

WATTERS: Here’s the thing, DeSantis’s calculation is to play the long game and be there as the alternative. He could see Trump facing indictments some of these dragging into next year. So, if DeSantis can hang on to the money, if he can survive the debates, which won’t be easy. He could play a factor. But right now it’s early and Trump’s in the driver’s seat. Let’s bring in Dan Eberhart. He’s a DeSantis donor. And after Dan, we’re going to have a Trump supporter.

So Dan, my analysis so far is that the play for Ron to hang in there, stacked the cash, survive the debates and then be there in the spring of next year.

DAN EBERHART, DESANTIS DONOR: I would put it differently, Jesse, but I agree with a lot of your opening monologue, but I would say two things. First of all, you know, Donald Trump’s numbers, I would be a lot more scared if I was him. He’s run twice as the Republican Party nominee. He’s the proto incumbent. There was no Republican on the ballot before him last time. And the best he can do right now is 55 percent in the primary, I would be worried if I was Donald Trump.

Secondly, as far as Governor DeSantis is concerned, look, this is just where he’s starting the race. He’s going to make his case in Iowa. He’s going to make his case in New Hampshire, he’s going to have the money to get his message out. And Trump hasn’t faced primary voters in seven years. I think when he does and primary voters can choose between what Governor DeSantis has done in Florida. And what Donald Trump has done in the last two, three years, they’re going to flip and turn to Governor DeSantis.

WATTERS: So, you think the move is get to the right of Donald Trump, on culture and on policy?

EBERHART: I would put it differently. Jesse, I would say the move is to stay to the right of Donald Trump and be a consistent conservative and have the coattails that Ron DeSantis had in November of 2022. And carry that message on and Republican primary voters are going to come off the sidelines and coalesce around Ron DeSantis, as soon as they see that he’s viable in Iowa, and viable in New Hampshire. And Donald Trump’s 55 percent is a ceiling in an ice cube and we’re just going to watch it melt here on your show and the other shows on Fox over the next nine months.

WATTERS: What is it viable in Iowa, New Hampshire mean? Does Trump win both of those early states and knock Ron out or does he need to win one of them?

EBERHART: I don’t think Trump wins either of those states. I think that Ron DeSantis goes through the kill in Iowa and goes through the kill in New Hampshire. And then Trump is out of the race shortly thereafter. Governor DeSantis is going to defy expectations.

WATTERS: That’s a bold prediction, Dan, with due respect.

EBERHART: Yes, well, fair enough. But look, Trump hasn’t faced primary voters in seven years. Jesse, I think when they have a chance to choose between Governor DeSantis’s record, and what Trump’s done the last two or three years, they’re all going to break for Governor DeSantis. And there’s going to be a resounding victory for the governor in Iowa.

WATTERS: All right, well, we’ll see how that shakes out. I don’t know if Trump loses either those two first early states, he’s going to drop out. But it should be interesting, Dan. Thanks so much for joining us. Have a good Memorial Day weekend.


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