Sen. Ted Cruz got a laugh out of Fox News host Sean Hannity during an interview segment Tuesday evening when the subject turned to the current state of affairs in the country under Democratic President Joe Biden and his party, which still controls half of Congress.

He also changed his mind and said that he now thinks Biden will be the Democrats’ 2024 nominee unless former President Donald Trump somehow not the GOP nominee.

Here’s part of the exchange:

CRUZ: Six months ago I said I didn’t think Joe would be the nominee. I now think he is likely to be the Democrat nominee because I think the Democrats think Trump is going to be the Republican nominee. And I think the way Democrats think, they think if Trump’s the nominee they can hide Biden in the basement for two years and just run on how much they hate Trump.

I think that’s their strategy.

I think if at any point in the coming months, Democrats suddenly think it’s going to be anybody but Trump I think they’ll throw Joe to the curb and try to find someone younger because Joe at this point, the guy can’t tie his shoes without assistance.

HANNITY: This is going to be a — in my mind, it’s always about peace and prosperity and I think elections are about the future. Can you think of a single thing that he has done that has benefited the American people because I can’t and the question, if it’s asked properly, are you better off now than you were four years ago?


CRUZ: I’ll frame it more simply, is there any aspect of public life that doesn’t suck more than it did four years ago? Like it really is spectacular, in our entire lives have we seen a president screw the country up more in two years than Joe Biden?

Like, everything is worse. Domestic, economic, foreign policy, like it has been — let me ask you a question seriously, Sean… Imagine you sat down with the objective, I want to destroy America. What would you do differently than Joe Biden’s done the last two years?


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