Monday, October 2

Far-left actress Jane Fonda, who posed for photos in North Vietnam during the war sitting on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot at American planes, thinks whatever ails the world is the fault of “white men.”

Fonda used the friendly environment of the Cannes Film Festival in France last week — which she flew too, and likely in a private jet — to complain about (what else?) fossil fuels and the white men who drill for and produce it (as if they’re the only ones).

“We still have reason to be hopeful if we do everything right. But I’m saying this is serious. We’ve got about seven, eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels,” she said.

“And unfortunately, the people that have the least responsibility for it are hit the hardest — Global South, people on islands, poor people of color. It is a tragedy that we have to absolutely stop,” she said.

Many of the world’s top oil producers, unbeknownst to Fonda apparently, are countries filled with ‘people of color’ including Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Angola, Nigeria, and China.


She continued: “We have to arrest and jail those men — they’re all men. It’s good for us all to realize, there would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. There would be no climate crisis if there was no patriarchy,” she said.

“A mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way. White men are the things that matter, and then everything else is at the bottom. So when I say that I’m fighting the climate crisis, I also feel that I’m fighting patriarchy and racism,” she added.

“It’s important because we have to get out of the silos — feminists over here, environmentalists over here. That’s what I learned when I started being an activist around the Vietnam War. The more you go down any issue, whatever it is, you realize that it’s all connected,” Fonda continued.

“And if we solve the climate crisis and we haven’t solved those other things, we’re gonna be in trouble,” she continued.

Many Americans believe what Fonda did was a blatant act of treason — providing ‘aid and comfort’ to a country America was at war with — and should have been punished accordingly. But she wasn’t.